Top 51-100 Philippine Artist 2010 Completed!

The 2nd Annual Top 100 Philippine Artist 2010 has to reveal the top 50 to 1 before the year ends. For now, here are the artists who settled from number 51-100 slots.

51 Gretchen Barretto
52 Zanjoe Marudo
53 Ai Ai delas Alas
54 Ryan Bang
55 Willie Revillame
56 Jake Cuenca
57 Melissa Ricks
58 Billy Crawford
59 Michael V.
60 Eugene Domingo
61 Angel Aquino
62 Luis Manzano
63 Aljur Abrenica
64 Rhian Ramos
65 Sharon Cuneta
66 Jericho Rosales
67 Richard Gutierrez
68 Regine Velasquez
69 Aga Muhlach
70 Bianca Manalo
71 Kristine Hermosa
72 Rayver Cruz
73 Rafael Rosell
74 Christian Bautista
75 Boy Abunda
76 Kris Bernal
77 Maria Venus Raj
78 Denise Laurel
79 Glaiza de Castro
80 Yeng Constantino
81 Nikki Gil
82 Julia Montes
83 Gary Valenciano
84 Dennis Trillo
85 Ryan Agoncillo
86 Pokwang
87 Iya Villania
88 Jovit Baldivino
89 Sid Lucero
90 Geoff Eigenman
91 Jason Francisco
92 Jhong Hilario
93 Zsa Zsa Padilla
94 Juris
95 Carla Abellana
96 Jolo Revilla
97 Dimples Romana
98 Cesca Litton
99 Bianca Gonzales
100 Matteo Guidicelli

4 thoughts on “Top 51-100 Philippine Artist 2010 Completed!

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