Thai Actor Mario Maurer To Star In A Movie? Who’s The Prospect Leading Lady?

Due to his movie being aired in the Philippines via ABS-CBN on Sunday Blockbuster movies which is “A Little Thing Called Love”. Thai Actor, Mario Maurer became a household name in the hearts of Filipinoes.

Recently, the Thai actor was interviewed via E-Live exclusive and asked about his impressions to the Philippines and its people. He describe the Filipinoes as nice and good people since he has also friends living in the country.

Maurer, who also stars in “Love of Siam” is set to star in a movie under Star Cinema (no confirmation yet) this year or next year. Marian Rivera was first linked to be his first leading lady but later denied the news.

Since it will be produced by Star Cinema, basically ABS-CBN female stars are to be chosen for Maurer’s leading lady. Maria La del Barrio’s Erich Gonzales has been reportedly been buzzing to be one. However, no confirmation yet. Other female stars are Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, Melissa Ricks, Andi Eigenman, Maja Salvador, Iya Villania, Toni Gonzaga, Empress Schuck, Fretzie Bercede, Tricia Santos, Devon Seron and a lot more.

Who do you think is match with Mario Maurer?

66 thoughts on “Thai Actor Mario Maurer To Star In A Movie? Who’s The Prospect Leading Lady?

  1. Nothing to say………….but …………no word to say too……….Mario

  2. I`m a fan of Fretzie here. No offense to all the Tricia Fans here. Pero, I think there’s no way Tricia will be chosen or either any other PBB Teens like Fretzie or Devon. Baguhan lang sila. Mario Maurer ang ka`actingan nila. Hindi porket bagay sila na ang partner. Atsaka think, kung si Tricia natanggal sa MLDB how much more pa kung sa isang movie. Pero, its there choice pa rin naman. I think it would be Kim, Erich or Maja. Pero, syempre, I`m wishing pa rin na si Fretzie. Pero, it would be 5% chance lang i think.

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