Yoon Eun Hye To Be Seen In Both GMA And ABS-CBN?

Do you still remember the childish but cute Janelle of Princess Hours(ABS-CBN) or the tomboyish but matured Andy of Coffee Prince (GMA)? Yes, she’s Yoon Eun Hye!

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She has been one of the in-demand Commercial Film (CF) endorser in South Korea and recognized as one of the highest paid actress. She is also considered as top Hallyu Star or a star that popularity was spread throughout Asia as well as other continents.

Yoon was first appeared in ABS-CBN primetime block in Princess Hours A.K.A. Goong. It was a huge hit since her chemistry with the prince was amazingly inspiring and interesting.

She also appeared as a girl who pretends to be a man and lover of a stubborn man to earn money. She became the top actress in Korea due to this series that caters her acting powers.

ABS-CBN purchased the rights to broadcast 2009 YEH’s hit drama series, My Fair Lady where she played a bad tempered heiress, a selfish and princess like lady in her 20’s.

On the other hand, GMA has been reportedly to have been bought the rights to broadcast Yoon’s recent drama, Lie To Me where she portray a Ministry of Culture official who gets entangled with her web of lies that was started when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to a famous hotel manager.

What upcoming YEH’s Korean drama that you look forward to?

8 thoughts on “Yoon Eun Hye To Be Seen In Both GMA And ABS-CBN?

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  2. honestly,both yoon eun hye dramas were good.but i like lie to me story! more exciting than fair lady… and well, dresses in fair lady were all great… haha i so loved it… lie to me …hmn… pretty interesting ….

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