Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 Grand Finals- Our Fearless Pick!

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 Grand Finals’ performance night has already ended last night, October 22, 2011 and it looks like this year is going to be a close fight among 12 contenders. Who’s our pick? Check it out below.

For the last two seasons, winners were easily predicted since Jovit Baldivino (season 1) and Marcelito Pomoy (season 2) are early front-runners in their respective PGT season, but this year most of the finalist have made an impact fairly. Fairly means an average applaud except ofcourse from Khalil Ramos, the cutie singer who paves way of another “IDOL THING” and this would make him the next Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Champion.

For performance aspect, Synergy and El Gamma Penumbra emerged to be the big winners but in popuarity it would be Khalil Ramos.

So we will present now our ranking among 12 finalists:

1. Khalil Ramos
2. Synergy
3. El Gamma Penumbra
4. Laverkada Kids
5. Bringas Brothers
6. Twin Divas
7. Lucky Twins
8. Kiriko
9. Muriel Lomadilla
10. Renagine Pepito
11. Sandugo Band
12. Maasinhon Trio

Based on the poll that we conducted, from a total of 2,053 votes, Synergy of Negros Occidental leads with a landslide victory of 1,171 votes or about 57% of the total votes.

Here’s the poll ranks:

1. Synergy- 1,171
2. Twin Divas- 260
3. Loverkada Kids- 191
4. Khalil Joseph Ramos- 173
5. Maasinhon Trio- 116
6. El Gamma Penumbra- 52
7. Muriel Lomadilla- 28
8. Renagine Pepito- 21
9. Lucky Twins- 19
10. Bringas Brothers- 10
11. Kirik- 8
12. Sandugo Band- 4

Honestly, this season creates disappointment from other viewers and netizens.

A netizen commented via Facebook, “Minadali kasi ang season na’to kaya hindi masaydong maingay ang mga pangalan nila”.

It is also to be noted that this season marks the lowest TV ratings that it did not even top the weekend TV rating consistently both in Kantar and AGB Nielsen unlike before. It could be concluded that this season is the least successful among 3 PGT seasons.

The live results night will be hold tonight (Oct 23), 8:15 PM, on ABS-CBN. Hosted by Luis Manzano and Billy Crawford, the new PGT grand winner will be proclaimed together with judges Kris Aquino, Ai Ai Delas Alas, and Freddie M. Garcia.

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