Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Pick-up Lines In RH Bill Forum Lift Up Attention To Students!

Braver but yet pick-up line breaker Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago creates good and responsive attention among students of the University of Manila for the RH Bill forum with the use of popular pick-up lines!

Santiago breaks the silence among students with corny but salable lines: “Anong height mo? Paano ka nagkasya sa puso ko?” and “Masasabi mo bang bobo kung ikaw lang naman ang laman ng utak ko?”

Then she seriously change the topic to her authored RH Bill and asked:

“Which among of you here are interested with SEX?” she asked. The crowd turns into silence but later the witty senator crack it by saying “If you’re not interested, you should be treated, that’s abnormal”, then the public starts to laugh again!

Then she continues, “Sex will come, too, preferably married sex. But if you can’t actually stop or control it, then why not use condoms? Santiago further explains that  RH bill does not teach young people to become passionate sexual individuals or manifest sex drives, instead it will give them enough information to be more responsible.  Then she joked again, ““Mali ‘yong pag-iisip mo na magtatakbuhan sila sa ilalim ng acacia at magse-sex silang lahat,”.

She also criticize those individuals who oppose the RH Bill and stresses, “”I will seek for their parents and teach them how to use emergency contraception to avoid deliverance of such people like themselves,” .

Meanwhile, certain student leaders supported the proposal.

JC Tejano of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines gives his positive response to the said bill, “We believe that the senators, congressmen who are anti-RH means that they are also anti-youth.”

The senator whims that the main goal of the RH Bill is to protect the health of the women especially to the poor ones.

On the contrary, anti-RH Bill people strongly believe that this is not a solution to the country instead it will bring harm to the family and to the youth. So the pros challenge  it to bring this bill into voting to the House of Representatives  and Senate.

Senator Santiago and Senator Pia Cayetano ask their colleagues to settle and end the debate towards RH Bill and begin the voting procedures by next week.

credits:  Ryan Chua, Patrol ng Pilipino, TV Patrol ABS-CBN News

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