Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna Are Now A Couple!

Eat Bulaga is making us “Bulaga” (surprise) as main host Vic Sotto and also regular host Pauleen Luna are confirmed as the newest couple in showbiz.

Sotto and Luna’s real score relationship is confirmed by Ricky Lo in his Philippine Star column, Funfare according to a very reliable source. The entertainment writer even stressed a confirming note “Yes, they are officially an item”. Viewers have been eyeing this two celebs who do hav moments in the multi-awarded noon time variety show with subtle sweetness in ways that they interact to each other. Noticed how Sotto (bossing) treats his “first lady” Luna in the show’s set may or may not look awkward to “former first lady” Pia Guanio who is now Mrs. Magno to Steve.

Vic Sotto, 57 and Pauleen Luna, 23 years old can prove that age really doesn’t matter for love.

Luna posted some indirect tweets that could reflect to the real score of her and Sotto.

    “Thank you world for making me a happy girl. You gave me more than I asked for. I am blessed. I am grateful.
    We all have the right to love and be loved.
    Whatever choice we make in life, people will always say something. So why not follow what your heart desires?
    What is more important? Your own happiness or what other people have to say? ”

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