Joseph Biggel of PBB Unlimited: A Liar Or Truth-teller?!

Big Brother of PBB Unlimited is going to finally open the chapter of Biggel‘s life story and it kicks off with his so called ‘first time lies’: first time to eat ice cream, first time to see and have been in a swimming pool, first time to wear long sleeve polo. Now, the question is – Is Biggel a liar or truth-teller? What’s the biggest news about this Promdihirang Tisoy of Marinduque?!

Wendy Tabusalla reported the news in BB Patrol, a broadcasting task given by Kuya. The news is about a High Voltage housemate who seemed unreal to his ‘first time’ experiences in PBB house. There are no clues, but clearly, it pointed out to Biggel. He, himself caught the idea that it was him. You can see it in his face and how he reacted. Looks like Big Bro wants the public either to understand the situation (if he really did mistake)or to let viewers realize that we misunderstood him (if he really tells the truth). Well, apparently Kuya wants Biggel to be the Big Winner of this season, right? In our viewpoint, Biggel deserves a seat for Big 5! Yes, he seemed nice, friendly and approachable. That’s Pinoy!  But not the big winner though.

Well, eventually, Kuya is going to expose Biggel’s shocking identity, that he is a son of a a very wealthy businessman named Joseph Emil Biggel, Sr. which actually have already been posted in different forum and blog sites. How he ended up not living with his father and the whole story of his family situation. Find out soon! Hmmm. . . .  Kuya goes for Biggel?!!

Update 1: Biggel being linked to Elli Obligacion: by Byxbuzz

Eh I am so happy for Joseph (Housemate) dahil ayon sa aking source eh may karelasyon ito at ang pangalan daw nito ay Elli Obligacion na nabanggit ko kahapon sa aking post (read here). Masarap umibig, di ba kaya happy ako for Joseph. Love love love!

Dagdag pa ng aking source:

Huling kasama ni Joseph (Housemate) sa meeting nila ay si Eli Obligacion hinatid pa sila nina Mr. & Mrs. Biggel sa Metropolis Alabang. So meaning may back up talaga si Joseph sa pag sisin*ng*ling sa PBB.

May issue pa sa Marinduqe ha na mag Jowa si Joseph at Direk Eli. Na-download ko po yan sa Facebook ni Joseph.

Update 2: Biggel having a SELECTIVE AMNESIA

Biggel is said to have a Selective Amnesia as evaluated by Dr. Randy Dellosa, a psychologist which he defined as the loss of memory about one specific time. But another definition arises from Free Dictionary and it reveals  a much explicable meaning that it is an amnesia about particular events that is very convenient for the person who cannot remember, for example, “Why do politicians always develop selective amnesia when questioned about their transgressions?” Transgressions means violation of the law or in short SIN.

Meanwhile, his co-housemates (HV) gave their full support to  the Biggel. That’s the spirit!

Update 3: Biggel: Trending worldwide, netizens’ opposite viewpoints emerged.

Due to these events, Biggel became a trending topic, number 1 in Philippines and hits worldwide as well. Netizens have shared their reactions with different views from their own perspective.

Accordingly, in the poll conducted by this site which is Biggel: Liar or Truth-teller, more netizens believes that he is indeed a liar followed by those who doesn’t care about the issue. Few only voted that he was innocent at all that he is a Truth-teller. (Vote below)

In Twitter world, Biggel’s supporters protect their favorite housemate and appeal to the viewers to understand the situation of the 19 year-old Biggel. He is innocent. But many of the netizens as well concludes that he was faking it intentionally. “A liar will always a liar”.

Well, looks like a lot of more shocking revelations about Biggel will make a bomb for the coming episodes of PBB Unlimited?

Check out one of the most discussed article about Biggel:

-Biggel of PBB Unlimited: Big Unlimited Liar-

For more info about Biggel’s life shocking revelations, just visit

79 thoughts on “Joseph Biggel of PBB Unlimited: A Liar Or Truth-teller?!

  1. Leave him alone haters….ano ba, hayaan niyo nman maging masaya yung tao!…kayo kaya lumaki ng walang parents!.

  2. Bakit nyo ba hinuhusgahan si Biggel? Hindi naman kayo siya para sabihing nagsisinungaling sya a? Nag-aaway away pa ang mga tnga. Sarili na lang nya nakakaalam nun. ‘Nu karapatan nyong husgahan sya? Ts, diskriminasyon oy. Diyos na lang nakakaalam nyan. Imba nyo.

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  5. mas sinungaling ‘yong taong nagsusulat ng hindi totoo at nakikibalita lang ‘yong gumagawa lang ng kwento may mapag-usapan lang. Bakit hindi nyo na lang imbestigahan at nang malaman nyo ang katotohanan…

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  7. “Anything that you have said that is against the truth is a lie” kahit na hindi ito sinasadya ito parin ay isang kasinungalingan. I’m not against Biggel and I’m not also his supporter pero isa parin siyang matinong tao. In connection with this, I have known two different person with this kind of psychological illness like Biggel have. I do not have direct connections to psychologist but a have a psychology teacher who mention this kind of illness that it is not intended by those have it dahil nga hindi sila aware na ginagawa na nila ito. They are all girls one is my cousin and the other one is my barkada. My cousin doesn’t live in her mom kaya lumaki siya na kasama ang lolo at lola namin. Iniwan siya ng kanyang nanay dahil may bago na itong pamilya. As time goes by many of my relatives keep on complaining with my cousin dahil isa daw siyang sinungaling at kahit na marami ng nakakaalam sa katutuhanan pilit parin niyang iginigiit ang kanyang side na ito ang katutuhanan. Same as my barkada ito rin ang kanyang gawain na kahit alam namin na nagsisinungaling siya humahanap parin siya ng paraan to proved on us na kami ang mali at siya ang tama kahit na ito’y kasinungalingan lamang.

    I have read articles about lying here’s a few of it : “Frequent liars can also be people who care too much about other people. What they care about, in particular, is what other people think of them. This personality type describes people who are always worrying about the impression they are making on other people. ”

    Here’s some details of diff. articles of a known “Pathological Liar” which I believe Biggel and the two person I know has it:

    ***From Andrea Broadbent “The Truth about Truman”: To begin, the definition of pathological actually means abnormal or grossly atypical. Therefore, a pathological liar prevaricates more frequently than the average person or tells more abnormal lies. In most cases, pathological liars tell lies that are “unplanned and impulsive” (Hausman). These lies are usually very emotional stories that tend to serve no purpose except to impress people (Ford 133). As of now, psychiatrists are unsure whether or not pathological liars are fully capable of realizing if and when they are lying, so detecting whether or not a person is a pathological liar is a very difficult task (Hausman). By looking at the list of conditions commonly connected with people considered to be pathological liars, psychiatrists are better able to determine whether or not a person might actually have the disorder. Some main qualities linked with pathological liars include dysfunctional family origin, family lying patterns, anomalies of sexual life, frequent substance abuse, and a great capacity for language.

    ***From Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D. “Psychological Honesty”: Even a pathological liar carries deep in his heart a desire for goodness and honesty and yet, because of painful emotional wounds, believes that the world never has, and never will, recognize his pain. And so, to hide that pain from himself, he uses all the lies he can concoct to hurl at the world as he runs in fear from his own goodness.

    Please be open minded guy’s nothing in this world composes of all truth dahil sa hindi natin alam kahit ang mga malalaking tao sa mundo ay kaya din magsinungaling kahit tayo. So don’t just drop your comment with those selfish words na nakakasira sa kapwa natin tao. Kaya nga tayo hindi umaasinso dahil kapwa Pilipino ay sinisiraan natin at hindi sinusuportahan. I’m a big fan of BOB ONG a Filipino writer and if you know him you will realize soon on how to appreciate everyone of us regardless on their bad attitude.

  8. biggel is not a liar, paano sya nagsinungaling? nakita nyo naman yung galaw nya sa pbb, ako mahirap ako kaya alam ko ang buhay mahirap sanay na sanay si biggel umakyat ng punong saging alam ko kasi napagdaanan ko yan,.marunong sya mangisda,,may mga kaibigan akong may kaya that is why alam kong paano gumalaw mga mayayaman at mga mahihirap. hwag ninyo husgahan ang tao kasi nandyan si god alam nya yung galaw ng mga tao dito sa mundo.kung nagsinungaling si biggel si god na ang bahalang magpunish sa kanya hwag nyo ng palawakin pa ang issue parang awa nyo na maawa kayo sa tao di nyo alam pinagdaanan nya,,i am arlene genelaso from dipolog city the followers of abs-cbn shows.

  9. i like biggel, naiintindihan ko ang side nya. kung bakit nya nagawang mag sinungaling that time. ang sakin lang, wag sana natin syang husgahan. kasi tao rin naman sya, may sariling dahilan at may sariling kayang ipag laban. kung ano ang nakita natin sa loob ng bahay ni kuya, yun ay talagang sya. nakita naman natin lahat ng task ni kuya hindi nya inurungan, lahat ng pag subok napag tatagumpayan. gusto nga rin ni kuya si biggel eh, As Big winner pa. and guys! inexplain na po ng psychologist ko bakit ganun si biggel. so bakit pa natin ipag pipilitan kung ano ang nakikita natin kay biggel na masama sya? ang mga edukadong tao kayang umintindi. hindi ang manghusga.. tsk!

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  14. Fans made me. The fans gave me a chance, and they made me. Beyond that, my career has been trials and tribulations and ups and downs, so I have to have true fans riding with me.
    ………………………i love biggel….kaya tama…my kasabihan tayo na don’t judge people by its cover…god bless….

  15. i love biggel..kasi parang pnapakita naman niya kung sino siya & i know that he is also an innocent person kasi kung pakitang tao lang niya lhat ng ginagawa nya,di sana matagal na niyang pnatulan si tin sa lhat ng mga ginagawa nito sa di rin lahat ng ebidensya ay totoong totoo dahil marami ng bitter at plastic ngaun na nanggagamit lang!! isa pa..ung tungkol naman sa ice cream..branded ung pnakainsa kanya ndi dirty icecream na tig P5 lng!..& we see naman na every eviction ehh siya ang palaging may pnakamataas na ibig sabihin nun,maraming nagmamahal sa kanya..dont be bitter sa mga taong nang huhusga ng whatever!!PEACE..PINAGTATANGGOL LANG ANG offence plsss

  16. hayy…naku biggel magpakatoto ka sa self mo ilabas mu ang totoong ikaw…panu ka magugustuhan ni tin kung ganyan ka…..goodluck…..ganyan nga nga wag mu ikahiya na mhirap ka na kh8 luma na mga briefs mo di ka nhihiya na ipakita sa mga ibang housemates

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