Best 7 Most Liked Korean Actors By Foreigners

Foreign viewers were asked to take part in a survey via the Arirang TV website of who among numerous Korean actors emerged to be the best actors as of 2011, and they chose their top 7 favorite actors. Who tops their list? It’s Hyun Bin of Secret Garden! Lets find out who completes the top 7 are right now!

Top 7 most liked Korean actors as voted by foreigners are also popular in Philippines. Check out the list below:

7. Lee Min Ho– Became a household name via Boys Over Flowers where he played Go Jun Pyo. The said series was then followed with hit late night drama Perfect Match. He is set to conquer Philippine TV again via multi-awarded Korean series of 2011 City Hunter this January 2012.

6. Choi Si Won– Member of super group of Super Junior whose group is the number 1 K-pop group as a whole in Philippines. Si Won stirs netizens particularly Filipinoes after he visited the country for the New Year.  He will be seen in the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat, a Manga adaptation.

5. Won Bin– This beautiful Actor is not just a pretty face, but a man with substance and best acting capabilities. He raked awards in the movie section recently. Remember him guys?! His the 2nd lead and the one who deeply in love with Song Hye Gyo in Endless Love.

4. Park Yu-chun– A TVXQ member and currently part of JYJ is a promising new generation of Korean actors. He debuted his acting career in the highly acclaimed historical K-drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal which will be aired in the Philippines soon this 2012.

3. Rain  a.k.a. Jung Ji Hoon- A Hallyu star, he is one of the most popular actors in the Philippines since the airing of the highest rated Korean drama in the Philippines Full House. He was also featured in a Clear TVC and was broadcast in the country.

2. Jang Geun Suk– This beautiful and cute guy makes everyone wants to have him as a pet (apparently his movie). Geun Suk became a wild favorite among Pinays after the broadcast of chart topping K-dramas of all time, He’s Beautiful. It was then followed with an afternoon slotted drama Marry Me, Mary.

1. Hyun Bin– An actor with a thousand faces. Who would have forget your ultimate ideal man in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon which is also one of the most high rated and well-loved Korean dramas in Philippines?! Hyun Bin is undoubtedly the Best Korean Actor as of 2011.  2011’s most successful and most awarded K-drama Secret Garden which was aired also in the country, is also  a certified hit.

22 thoughts on “Best 7 Most Liked Korean Actors By Foreigners

  1. Who the fuck made this list. Excuse me but, many people in foreign countries like Min Sik Choi, Lee Byung Hun, Wonbin and Kang-ho Song, good movie watchers from other countries will name them as Korean best and well know actors.

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