Title: Okatokat

Broadcasting Network: ABS-CBN
Premiere Date: February 4, 2012
End of Broadcast:?
Schedule: Saturday/Afternoon slot
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Plot: (credits to wikpedia)
Five tweens who need to retrieve stolen cursed objects and save the whole town from its near destruction in the hands of an unseen evil. Andrew (Paul Salas), a young bullied city boy, wants to have a complete family. When his parents got separated, he lives with his call center-agent mother Alice (Dimples Romana). Right after being bullied again, Andrew is enjoined by his mother to temporarily live in Pueblo Peligro with his grandfather Inong (Nanding Josef), who unbeknownst to them, secures cursed objects in a secret chamber in their family-owned local museum. As Andrew adjusts in his new world, he rediscovers his family roots, meets his “crush” and finds himself drawn to the cursed objects, which on one fateful night, are stolen leading to the death of his grandfather. With the help of his newfound friends Neil (Makisig Morales), Luna (Sue Anna Ramirez), Princess (Jane Oineza), Joey (Joshua Colet), Andrew embarks on a quest to redeem the damned antiques and consequently give justice to his grandfather’s death. But as Andrew and his friends reclaim those doomed objects, they are inevitably enmeshed in a life-altering, horror and fun adventure, filled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and schemes by an unknown force of evil that will put their friendship to an ultimate test.

Paul Salas as Andrew
Makisig Morales as Neil
Sue Anna Ramirez as Luna
Jane Oineza as Princess
Joshua Colet as Joey

Supporting Cast
Dimples Romana as Alice
Nanding Josef as Inong
Janus Del Prado as Harold
DJ Durano as Mayor
Perla Bautista as Aring
Justin Cuyugan as Andrew’s Father
Princess Mazon as Girlfriend of Andrew’s Father
RJ Calipus as Thief

Guest Cast
Kalila Aguilos as Mayor’s Wife
Miles Ocampo as Dolores
Celine Lim as Violet
Mikylla Ramirez as Bully Girl
Mark Joshua Sarayot as Bully Boy 1
Alfred Labatos as Bully Boy 2

Production Credits:

Executive producer: Minella T. Abad
Editor: Richard Barnett
Cinematography: Gary Gardoce
Running time: 1 hour

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