Alice Bungisngis And Her Wonder Walis

Title: Alice Bungisngis And Her Wonder Walis

Broadcasting Network: GMA
Premiere Date: February 6, 2012
End of Broadcast:_____?
Schedule: Mon-Fri/5:45 PM
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

The spellbinding story of Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis begins in a far away province where we will discover that witchery still exists when a kid was bewitched and will be brought to a sorceress named Tandang Alicia (Marita Zobel). She then discovers that her foster child, Esmeralda (Jean Garcia), was the one who cast a spell on the innocent kid.

Tandang Alicia treated Esmeralda as if her own daughter, she taught her all the magical spells she knew and because of their closeness it will make Matilda (Ana Roces), the real daughter of Tandang Alicia, very envious.

As time passes by, Esmeralda starts to become obsessed with power and uses it for her personal gain. Tandang Alicia wants to stop her from being greedy; she’ll use her potion and will cast a spell on Esmeralda transforming her to look like an old tree. Unfortunately, Tandang Alicia’s life will be put to an end in exchange of the curse. Matilda grieves on the lost of her mother, but situation will soon change as soon as the cute little baby is born. She will be named Alice.

Happiness will fill the lives of Matilda and Hilario (Janno Gibbs) including their families. They see a bright future on their daughter because she embodies the goodness and intelligence of her grandmother Alicia. Unknowingly, when Alice was born, Esmeralda risen. (See more)

Cast and Characters


Bea Binene as Alice Asuncion/Daisy Reyes
Jake Vargas as Ace Fernandez
Derrick Monasterio as Spade Fernandez
Lexi Fernandez as Queenie


Jean Garcia as Esmeralda Reyes
Janno Gibbs as Hilario Asuncion
Sheena Halili as Sinag D’ Voodoo Doll
Buboy Garovillo as Filipe “Ipeng” Lucsin
Benjie Paras as Timoteo/Tim
Irma Adlawan as Margarita “Maggie” Fernandez/Gareng Lucsin
Marc Justine Alvarez as Wally D’ Wonder Walis
Isabel Nesreen Frial as Gelay
Lance Angelo Lucido as Ivan


Marita Zobel as Tandang Alicia
Roy Alvarez as Don Zaldy Fernandez
Ana Roces as Matilda Asuncion
Ama Quiambao as Lola Anita


Vangie Labalan as Ms. Belenda Kasimsiman
Ellen Adarna as Carla
Jana Trites as Ms. Doray
Edgar Sandalo as Father Greg
Rita Iringan as Wendy
Nicole Dulalia as Lev
Sabrina Man as Carol


Written by: Anna Nadela, Tina Samson-Velasco, Gilbeys Sardea
Directed by: Mark A. Reyes V
Executive producer: Kaye Atienza-Cadsawan
Cinematography: Jay Linao

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