Broken Vow

Title: Broken Vow

Premiere Date: February 6, 2012
End of Broadcast:_____?
Schedule: Monday-Friday/afternoon block
Genre: Romance, Drama
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

The story tells about Melissa Santiago, a beautiful and street-smart woman who becomes the apple of the eye of Roberto Sebastian, a rich councilor who falls madly in love with the unpretentious barrio lass. Despite the extreme difference in their lifestyles, the two manage to keep their relationship strong and even plan to settle down together.

But the couple’s fairytale romance is suddenly jeopardized when Melissa encounters a horrifying experience. One night, on her way home from work, a group of men, abducts her. Held hostage at an unknown place, Melissa is brutally drugged and raped .To make matters even worse, she did not recognize the identity of her rapist.

One of the dramatic scenes in the series.
News about Melissa’s misfortune has spread in their town and it dragged Roberto’s family into an unpleasant scandal. In spite of the big controversy on his fiancé, Roberto stands by Melissa and vows to marry her.

But on the day before their wedding, Melissa collapses and Roberto discovers she is pregnant. Devastated upon learning the truth, Roberto changes his mind and dumps Melissa on the day of their wedding. (see more here)

Cast and Characters


Bianca King as Melissa Santiago
Luis Alandy as Felix Rastro
Gabby Eigenmann as Robert Sebastian
Rochelle Pangilinan as Rebecca Sta. Maria


Marco Alcaraz as Michael Pascual
Juan Rodrigo as Mayor Lucio Sebastian
Carmi Martin as Rosanna Sebastian
Melissa Mendez as Amor Santiago
Celia Rodriguez as Doña Ofelia “Amorzita” Rastro
Matet de Leon as Amy
Jace Flores as Lawrence
Lou Sison as Sheila
Pancho Magno as Rico
Kryshee Grencia as Eva Santiago


Developed by: Richard Cruz
Written by: Obet Villela, Luningning Ribay, Onay Sales
Directed by: Gil Tejada, Jr.
Executive producer: Meann P. Regala
Producer: Wilma Galvante
Cinematography: Lito Mempin

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