Broadcasting Network: GMA
Premiere: February 6, 2011
End of broadcast:___________?
Schedule: Mon-Fri/Primetime block
Plot: (source: wikipedia)

The story takes off from the death of the reigning biritera, which sends Mr. D (Ryan Eigenmann), a respected talent manager, into a frantic search for an immediate replacement.

Upon receiving an invitation to judge in a provincial singing search, Mr. D also brings along Andrei (Dennis Trillo), who then finds himself drawn to one particular contestant, Roseanne (Roseanne Magan). However, Roseanne ends up losing the competition to Barbie (Sweet Ramos), Roseanne’s rival, much to Andrei’s disappoint.

But no one is more disappointed than Roseanne, who wants to succeed as a singer so she can help her adoptive mother Remy (Angelika dela Cruz). Remy, on the other hand, disapproves of her daughter’s dream and would rather see her concentrate on her education.

Unknown to them, Andrei uploads a video of Roseanne taken during the competition. As fate would have it, the video goes viral making Roseanne an instant internet sensation, and attracting talent scouts including Mr. D.

Remy, however, remains adamant in discouraging Roseanne to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. But despite how firm she was, Remy finally gives in when Jo (Rich Asuncion), Roseanne’s aunt, turns up after recognizing Roseanne as her sister Carmela’s (Claudine Barretto) daughter. Jo convinces Remy to allow Roseanne to try her luck in the industry making Remy believe that Jo has Roseanne’s best interest at heart.

As Roseanne begins her quest towards becoming a full-fledged biritera, Remy becomes more concerned of her daughter’s welfare as Jo takes over Roseanne’s life. Andrei also shares the same sentiment, as he feels guilty for prodding Mr. D into managing Roseanne, who seems to be taking on too much too soon only to become successful.

Main Cast

Dennis Trillo as Andrei
Angelika dela Cruz as Remy
Glaiza de Castro as Mikaela

Introducing Casts:

Roseanne Magan as Roseanne/Abigail

Supporting Cast

Ryan Eigenmann as Mr. Dalton
Yul Servo as Jerome
Ces Quesda as Simang
Rich Asuncion as Jo
Gwen Zamor as Iris
Neil Ryan Sese as Eric

Extended Casts:

  • Orlando Sol as Egay
  • Patricia Ysmael as Beverly
  • Kiel Rodriguez as Miko
  • Myra Carel as Bevs
  • Ken Chan as Popoy
  • Kim Komatsu as Gwen
  • Hiro Magalona as Teofi
  • Sweet Ramos as Barbie
  • Jamaika Olivarez as Kleng-Kleng
  • Barbara Miguel as Darling
  • Nomer Limatog Jr as Miguelito
  • Scarlet as Mrs. Tomandong
  • Guest Appearance

    Claudine Barretto as Carmela
    Jillian Ward as Louise May Imperial
    Glenda Garcia as Andrei’s mother
    Miguel Tanfelix as young Andrei

    Production Credits:

    Executive producer: Juel Balbon, Nieva M. Sabit
    Producer: Wilma Galvante
    Location: Manila
    Running time: 30-45 minutes

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