The Good Daughter

Title: The Good Daughter Broadcasting Network: GMA Premiere Date: February 13, 2012 End of Broadcast:_____? Schedule: Mon-Fri/4:15 PM Genre: Drama, Family Plot: (credits to wikipedia) Bea (Kylie Padilla) seems to have the perfect life — having a family who adores and provides her every needs. But everything’s change when Sharon (Alicia Mayer) and her ten-year-old daughter Julia (Angelie Nicole Sanoy)… Read More The Good Daughter


Title: Valiente Network: TV5 Premiere Date: February 13, 2012 End of Broadcast: ________? Schedule: Monday-Friday/9:15 PM Genre: Drama, Family, Action Plot: (credits to wikipedia) The soap’s story centered on two best friends: Don Armando Braganza and Damian Valiente, most especially their sons, Theo Braganza and Gardo Valiente, whose lives are opposite from one another. Theo… Read More Valiente

My Beloved

Title: My Beloved Broadcasting Network: GMA Premiere Date: February 13, 2012 End of Broadcast: _______? Schedule: Monday-Friday/ 9:15 PM Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Plot: credits to The tale begins when Sharina’s happy life turns upside down when her father, Romeo (John Arcilla) died. Left all alone with nothing and no one to care for… Read More My Beloved