The Good Daughter

Title: The Good Daughter

Broadcasting Network: GMA
Premiere Date: February 13, 2012
End of Broadcast:_____?
Schedule: Mon-Fri/4:15 PM
Genre: Drama, Family
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

Bea (Kylie Padilla) seems to have the perfect life — having a family who adores and provides her every needs. But everything’s change when Sharon (Alicia Mayer) and her ten-year-old daughter Julia (Angelie Nicole Sanoy) appear at her 18th birthday party and introduce themselves as her father’s (Raymond Bagatsing) second family.

Distraught, Tina (Glydel Mercado), Bea’s mother, leaves the venue of the party in tears and unfortunately meets an accident when an explosion takes place in the building, which also puts at risk Sharon and Julia.

While Tina agonizes in pain, Sharon sees this as a chance to replace the former in Rico’s life leading her to kill Tina. As Bea weeps for her mother’s demise, she puts the blame on her father, who is then being pressured by Sharon to marry her or else she and her daughter will leave the country for good. Rico, torn between Bea’s disapproval and the possibility of building a new family with Sharon, eventually gives in to Sharon’s demands.

As Sharon assumes the role of Rico’s new wife, her true colors reveal as she mistreats Bea behind Rico’s back. Feeling helpless and alone more than ever, Bea runs away from home and travels to her grandmother’s province (Read more here)

Cast and Characters


Kylie Padilla as Bea Guevarra
Rocco Nacino as Darwin Alejandro


Raymond Bagatsing as Rico Guevarra
Alicia Mayer as Sharon Alejandro
LJ Reyes as Frances Alejandro
Luz Valdez as Lourdes Atilano
Angeli Nicole Sanoy as Julia Guevarra
Max Collins as Ziri Claustro
Dion Ignacio as Paul Noche
Ervic Vijandre as Mario Escobar
Froilan Sales as Ace
Dionne de Guzman as Yaya Nania


Glydel Mercado as Tina Atilano-Guevarra †
Lito Legaspi as Miguel Guevarra
Daniella Amable as young Bea
Jerould Aceron as young Darwin
Joni Macnab as young Frances
Charito Alvear as Yaya Fe
Maricel Morales as Manang Cheska
Alvin Aragon as Mervin
Benedict Campos as Billy


Written by: Anna Nadela, Glaiza Ramirez, Gilbeys Sardea
Directed by: Michael Tuviera
Executive producer: Carol B. Galve
Cinematography: Nonong Legaspi

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