Title: Valiente

Network: TV5
Premiere Date: February 13, 2012
End of Broadcast: ________?
Schedule: Monday-Friday/9:15 PM
Genre: Drama, Family, Action
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

The soap’s story centered on two best friends: Don Armando Braganza and Damian Valiente, most especially their sons, Theo Braganza and Gardo Valiente, whose lives are opposite from one another. Theo was born rich, a playboy and was groomed as an heir to one of the biggest haciendas, Hacienda Braganza. Gardo on the other hand, was born poor, God-fearing and was poised to take over his father Damian as one of Hacienda Braganza’s workers. Despite their differences, Gardo and Theo treated each other like brothers until the death of Don Armando which causes conflict within the Hacienda Braganza when Donya Trinidad took over the ownership, as well as the death of Gardo’s mother, Luming. The conflict turned for the worse as an uprising occurred in Hacienda Braganza which caused the imprisonment of Gardo’s father Damian. After which, Gardo falls for Theo’s youngest sister, Maila. Their relationship was doomed from the start as Theo never liked Maila for Gardo as he preferred Maila’s elder sister Leona to fall for his friend.

Gardo later on planned his revenge to Theo and Donya Trinidad. Since then, the two men had vowed revenge against one another and fight till their last breath.

Cast and Characters

Main Casts:

JC de Vera as Gardo Valiente
Oyo Boy Sotto as Theo Braganza
Niña Jose as Leona Braganza
Nadine Samonte as Maila Braganza

Supporting Casts:

Jaclyn Jose as Donya Trinidad “Trining” de los Reyes-Braganza
Michael de Mesa as Damian Valiente
Roxanne Guinoo as Elaine Lee
James Blanco as Joel Gatchalian
Toby Alejar as Vincent Lee
John Regala as Pepito “Peping” Ramirez
Mark Gil as Don Armando Braganza †
Gina Alajar as Iluminada Soledad “Luming” Valiente †
Tony Mabesa as Victorino Penitente
Ramon Christopher as Miguel Magno
Jaime Pebanco as Ariston Bugayon
Racquel Villavicencio as Donya Corazon Braganza †
Menggie Cobarrubias as Mayor Manding
Meg Imperial as Jody

Guest Cast

Tirso Cruz III as Don Luis
Glenda Garcia
Andrew Schimmer as Dexter de Oro
Erika Padilla as Tess
Sunshine Garcia as Vivian

Other Casts

Dang Cruz as Ilyang
Maria Cristina “Kite” Lopez as Pinang
Jhiz Deocareza as Jaden
Cara Michel Brique as Marga
Kerbie Zamora as Matthew
Jett Alcantara as Ka Solomon
Hacienda Braganza’s Workers
Mike Magat
Dinkydoo Clarion
Joe Gruta
Kino Paez
Billy James Renacta
Arjon Lozada
Jose Mari Ora
Jobert Luzares

Cameo Appearance

Czarina Suzara as Young Leona
Lianne Valentin as Young Maila
Ross Fernando as Young Gardo
Arvic Rivero as Young Theo
Cogie Domingo as Young Armando
Biboy Ramirez as Young Damian
Ciara Sotto as Young Luming
Kathleen Hermosa as Young Trining
Jay Aquitania as Young Ariston

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