Hiram Na Puso

Title: Hiram Na Puso

Network: GMA
Premiere Date: March 5, 2012
End of Broadcast: ___________?
Schedule: Monday-Friday/2:45 PM
Genre: Drama, Family
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

Zeny (Gina Alajar) is a nursing student whose life gets complicated when she gets impregnated by her boyfriend who subsequently leaves her. She gives birth to twins, but unluckily, one of them had a heart complication and needed immediate operation. But Zeny couldn’t afford the cost of the operation, and so, she was left without a choice but to give up the healthier baby so she can save the ailing one. The ailing child survived and Zeny named her Lira (Kris Bernal).

Eighteen years later, Zeny, now a nurse… discovers that Lira’s heart condition has recurred and her daughter is, for the secone time, on the brink of death. The only thing that could save her is a heart transplant. But Zeny has no connections. One fateful night, Zeny becomes a witness to a tragic hit-and-run accident. She helps the victim, Angeline (Krystal Reyes), who is almost her daughter’s age. For a second, she thought that she’s found a “donor” for her daughter’s heart transplant, but that would only be possible if she lets the victim die. She shilly-shallies at first, but moved by her conscience, she decides to take the victim to a nearby hospital. Too late… the victim is already ‘clinically dead.’ Although distraught by the demise of their daughter, the victim’s parents Leo (Gardo Versoza) and Roxanne (Ayen Laurel) thanked Zeny for attempting to “save” Angeline. Learning of Lira’s ailment, they agreed to donate their daughter’s heart to Lira. Zeny is filled with so much happiness following the success of her daughter’s operation. But her joy will be short-lived. She knew that her daughter survived at the expense of someone else’s daughter, and destiny has its way of bringing back the balance. (see more here)

Casts and Characters:

Main Casts:

Kris Bernal as Lira Banaag
Mark Herras as Prince
Gina Alajar as Zeny Banaag
Gardo Versoza as Leo Saavedra
Bela Padilla as Vanessa Saavedra/Kara Banaag
Polo Ravales as Dennis

Supporting Casts:

Ayen Laurel as Roxanne Saavedra
Candy Pangilinan as Becky
Winwyn Marquez as Jillian
Ana Marin as Chona
Marc Acueza as Choy

Guest Casts:

Ehra Madrigal as young Becky
Stef Prescott as young Zeny
Krystal Reyes as Angeline Saavedra
Angie Ferro as old patient

Production Credits:

Developed by:Suzette Doctolero
Directed by: Andoy Ranay, Roderick Lindayag
Executive producer: Joseph Aleta
Producer: Wilma Galvante
Cinematography: Juan Lorenzo Orendain III

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