PBB Unlimited Big Four Headlines Biggel, Paco, Pamu and Slater; Are the Voting Procedures Fair Enough To Determine Wholly The Big Winner Title?

At last, PBB Unlimited roots for its four strongest housemates. This season’s Big Four is composed of Joseph Biggel, Slater Young, Paco Evangelista and Pamu Pamorada. And by the looks of it, this season’s big winner may or may not deserve the title for the majority of the people!

Promdihirang Tisoy Joseph Biggel  banners lead final public votes in the top 6 eviction night which brought a huge surprise for the fans of the Captain’ daughter Tin Patrimonio who was booted out from the house. It is to be significantly noted that Tin CONSISTENTLY topped every eviction night’s final vote results either in unlimited voting and the vote of Power of One (vote per sim) for five times. This made her fans including her mother dissatisfied and felt that they were cheated.

Based on our point of view, it was way too impossible for Tin to occupy the last rank for a simple reason that she in FACT edged out Biggel, Slater, Divine and Paco in every eviction night that she was included together with them so MALABONG MANGYARI ang naganap na results sa top 6. Katanggap-tanggap pa siguro kung nasa 3rd or 4th rank si Tin.

Then, Divine Maith-land finishes her journey in the house after placing 2nd in the Top 6 Eviction and ended up in the last ranked (5th).

See how votes are hugely fluctuating?

Should we believe for the voting results? Well, isa lang ang roots ng problem na ito. It’s because of the INCONSISTENY of VOTING PROCEDURES implemented by PBB in this season.

First- Vote To Save or Vote To Evict

Second- Vote To Save

Third- Vote of Power as One (One Vote Per Sim) 1 Week

Fourth- Vote of Power as One (One Vote Per Sim) 1 Day

Fifth- Vote of Power as One (One Vote Per Sim) closed at 12 p,m. (merely 2 or 3 hrs to vote)

Kung naging CONSISTENT lang sana ang PBB with regards to Voting Procedures like what happened to the first edition, then we can say that whether it was a a redundant vote, or vote buying, still it is counted as vote or what we defended (voters) as SUPPORT to a certain housemate.

But in the meantime, who’s your PBB Season 4 Big Winner?

12 thoughts on “PBB Unlimited Big Four Headlines Biggel, Paco, Pamu and Slater; Are the Voting Procedures Fair Enough To Determine Wholly The Big Winner Title?

  1. Slater for the win! He deserves to win because he showed that the true measure of being a big winner does not lie solely on winning the title itself. He showed to the people that being a big winner is always in the heart. Also, he was able to depict that we can always succeed without compromising our values and principles in life. He made sure that in every decision that he makes, or for whatever he thinks is right, no one is aggravated. He puts into consideration the feelings of other people before making a decision. As stated in the bible, what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul? Aanhin mo ang titulong Big Winner kung nakakasakit ka ng ibang tao? You will never be totally happy with what you have achieved because the feeling of guilt will always haunt you.

  2. For me – Paco is a complete package – a model son most of all, a true to himself housemate, an honest friend, mentially and emotionally intelligent, madiskarte, with sense of humility, obedience, and respect. Makulay ang ahat ng mga pinagdaanan nya sa bahay ni kuya- super dami sya napatunayan – at marami pang iba – i’m sure meron din kayong mga natatanging description why Paco should be the big winner. God bless you, Paco!

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