PBB Teen Edition Season 4 First Nomination Night: Kit, Mariz, Vince and Claire To Face Eviction!

Kit Thompson, Mariz Raneses, Vince Manlapaz and Claire Bercero are on the death-list for eviction as Toni Gonzaga reveals that the four of them are nominated in PBB Teen Edition Season 4 First Nomination Night!

Common grounds why they are nominated:

Claire– Several housemates said she’s plastic and very emotional. She used some things from other housemates without asking permissions. She got 7 points for eviction. (She’s the first nominee in our list though)

Kit– The way he speaks often times hurts the feelings of some housemates. He received 9 points. (We expected him to be nominated with the same reason)

Mariz– The reasons behind her nomination varies from different perspective of housemates. One says, she misses her family, the other one stresses she used to choose freinds to hang out with. and one shares that she’s plastic. She got 7 points. (Please save her!)

Vince– Housemates are all eyes to this lazy tween boy! Obviously, the reason behind his nomination is because he is timid and lazy especially with regards to house chores. He obtained 7 points. (Not deserving to be saved)

Our fearless prediction: 

Mahina sa karisma sa outside world sina Mariz and Vince, while Claire and Kit have gained quite good and bad impressions and attentions from the viewers. I think Claire will be saved even if majority of us would want to kill her (I mean evict her) but what can we do, there’s no Vote To Evict! For the meantime, it will be Vince I believe, who will have the least of votes in this week voting duration! Mariz could be in danger but it will be Vince who will be sent home. Kit will obviously top the voting ranking in the first eviction night!

So what do you think guys?! Who will be evicted next week?!

7 thoughts on “PBB Teen Edition Season 4 First Nomination Night: Kit, Mariz, Vince and Claire To Face Eviction!

  1. I don’t watch PBB but one thing is certain: This contest is all about the ‘looks’.
    Actually, I don’t know the real point of this show. If you’re handsome/pretty, enter Kuya’s house and you’ll go out as Big Winner.

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