Top 5 Best Loveteams in Philippine TV Series for the First Trimester of 2012!

What’s the common factor in all Philippine TV series either in drama or comedy?! Answer?! It’s the on-screen couple or commonly known as loveteams.  Which loveteam makes you “kilig”, laugh, cry and fall in love all over again?! Vote  for the Top 5 Best Loveteams in Philippine TV Series for the first Trimester of 2012!

We have collected 40 popular on-screen couples which garnered your attentions for several months from the later months of year 201 until April 2012 from these following top-rated series:

Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin (October 10, 2011 – February 10, 2012)
Budoy (October 10, 2011 – March 9, 2012)
Maria La del Barrio (August 15, 2011 – March 2, 2012
Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig (March 12, 2012 – present)
Nandito Ako (February 20, 2012 – March 23, 2012)
Luv U (February 19, 2012 – present)
The Good Daughter (February 13, 2012 – present)
My Beloved (February 13, 2012 – present)
Biritera (February 6, 2012 – present)
Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis (February 6, 2012 – present)
Mundo Man Ay Magunaw (January 30, 2012 – present)
Legacy (January 16, 2012 – present)
Walang Hanngan (January 16, 2012 – present)
P.S. I Love You (November 21, 2011 – February 17, 2012)
Angelito: Batang Ama (November 14, 2011 – April 13, 2012)
Kokak (November 14, 2011 – March 2, 2012)
Toda Max (November 5, 2011 – present)
Oka Tokat (February 4, 2012 – present)
Daldalita (October 17, 2011 – February 3, 2012)
Broken Vow (February 6, 2012 – present)
Tween Hearts (September 26, 2010 – present)

Out of the 40 entries, we will narrow them down to only 15 nominees by May 2, 2012. Out of these 15, we only need the final 5 loveteams at the end of the voting period (May 12, 2012). The final 5 best loveteams qre qualified for the final battle for FMTM Awards for Loveteam of the Year 2012.

First Trimester (Later months of 2011 to April 2012)- 5 Loveteams
Second Trimester (Later weeks of April 2012- August 2012)- 5 loveteams
Third Trimester (Later weeks of August 2012, December 2012)- 5 loveteams.

A total of 15 loveteams will battle for the final round.


1. You must have a Facebook account. If you have already an account then go to our FB Page at EnteRvrexWorld and Like Us.

2. Click this link to directly forward to the album: TOP 5 Best Loveteams for First Trimester of 2012 (TV Series only).

3. The 40 pictures of loveteams will be shown and you only need to click your bet to vote officially.

How are votes counted?

Each like will corresponds to 5 points.
Each comment is equivalent to 1 point.
Each share will cost 1 point.


My Binondo Girl and Amaya are not included since those series ended in the early January 2012. Series which ended by February is constituted to the list. Hiram Sa Puso and Princess and I are also not cited since these series just premiere weeks ago. Those series will be forwarded in the 2nd Trimester of 2012.

Weekend TV Series like Growing Up and Bagets: Just Got Lucky which ended on February 2012 are not listed since those series are only broadcast once a week and it did not cost the days aired by daily drama series to arrive at a 20-60 day-broadcast for the first trimester.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Loveteams in Philippine TV Series for the First Trimester of 2012!

  1. natapos na ba ang Tween Hearts?! Ang luv u kaylan ba ng start at tapos na din ba?! Try to understand when is the premiere date of a series, its duration and end of broadcast.
    First trimester po ang sinasabi namin. Mahirap bang intindihan ang months covered nito? JANUARY-APRIL 2012.

    My Binondo Girl- Premiere 2011 – End 2nd Week of Feb
    Growing Up- Premiere 2011- End of 2nd Week of Feb
    Bagets- Premiere 2011- End of 2nd week of Feb

    These 3 are relatively from YEAR 2011 series!

    Tween Heart-Premiere Sept 2010- Until present
    Luv U- Premiere Feb 19, 2012- Until Present

    Kitang Kita na pasok sila sa duration ng first trimester (Jan-April 2012)

  2. eh bakit yung luv u at tween hearts once a week lang din yun eh :)) sorry admin ang kulit ko

  3. pati na rin si Kathryn and Daniel, Kathryn and Enrique Gil wala din??? Nag end ang growing up nung February 2012.. then nag start ang Princess and I nung April 16..

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