Big Bang’s T.O.P can’t take his eyes off of miss A’s Suzy?

Big Bang‘s T.O.P can’t seem to take his eyes off of miss A‘s Suzy.

On April 26th, during the ‘Paeksang Arts Awards‘ awards ceremony, T.O.P was in charge of awarding Suzy with the “Best Female Rookie Actress” award for her role in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture.’

As Suzy made her way across the stage to receive her award, T.O.P seemed to have fallen for her cute and innocent charm. A picture compilation (seen below) of T.O.P observing Suzy as she received her award has been spreading rapidly on the internet, and “T.O.P’s auto scan” was one of the top searched terms on Korean portals. Netizens used this nickname to describe how T.O.P seemed to scan Suzy up and down as she came up to receive her award. Even when Suzy nervously gave a short speech expressing her gratitude for the honor, T.O.P seemed to have a content smile on his face.

With her rookie award for the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’, Suzy set a record of conquering all 3 areas of the Korean entertainment industry: dramas, music, and movies.

Article owned by: ALLKPOP.COM

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