Will It Be ‘Bye Karen’ For PBB Teen Edition Season 4 2nd Eviction Night?!

Our first impression about Karen Reyes who was dubbed as Hagikhik Chick of Mindoro was frank, straightforward and outspoken person who stand for herself for what’s right or what’s wrong. She was one of our early favorites in the said reality show. But with her disappointing attitudes right now, will it be “Bye Karen” for the upcoming PBB Teen Edition Season 4 2nd Eviction Night?!

Karen becomes a hot trending topic due to conflict with fellow housemate Claire Bercero and her attachment to a  Tween boy Kit Thompson. In succeeding days, she again was involved in an environment tension with Nikka Javier. Presently, she was nominated in the 2nd nomination night alongside Myrtle Sarrosa and Nikka.

Netizens claim that she is the “Palaaway Queen” but some stresses she is only frank and vocal in her own points of view. Quoted from a netizen, ” She was dubbed as Hagikhik Chick but we never seen her laughing like a chick instead she always nag and shout. One even said that PBB should renamed her as Talak ng Talak Queen?

Well, before we liked Karen but now it’s a big NO. (Kill us Karen’s fans) lols. Her fans asserted that “Totong Tao si Karen”. Yes, she may be is but with that personality (attitude), we can assume that she’s a manipulative person. Her big mouth is as irritating as dynamite explosion!

Oo nga’t masasabi nating TOTOONG tao si Karen dahil pinapakita niya ang hindi masyadong kagandahang ugali niya (unlike sa iba na pa-safe pa raw): ang pagiging bungangera, selosa, bossy, palaaway at backstabber. But it doesn’t mean that these qualities are worth fighting for or dapat nating ipaglaban at tularan?! Hindi naman tayo bobo na sabihing magagandang ugali ang mga iyon diba?!  Sa mga fans ni Karen, REFLECT if tama bang ipaglaban ang isang taong palaaway at backstabber or magbubulagan na naman kayo at sabihin gusto niyo lang ilabas kung anong naiisip niya at prankang tao lang siya. So we ask, bakit dineny ni Karen ang tanong ni Myrtle kung siya ba ang pinag-uusapan ng mga girl housemates?!

27 thoughts on “Will It Be ‘Bye Karen’ For PBB Teen Edition Season 4 2nd Eviction Night?!

  1. go go go karen.. kaya mu yan,,, mag paka totoo kalang.. wag ka gumaya kay mrytle plastik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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