Luna Blanca

Title: Luna Blanca
Network: GMA
Premiere: May 21, 2012
Schedule: Monday-Friday/8:15 PM
End of Broadcast: _____________?
Genre: Multi-generational, drama, fantasy

The story begins with Rowena who is believed to be the last descendant of Luna Mystika, the woman with a mystical twin shadow named Celestina

Rowena grows up under the protective wing of her grandfather, Lolo Igme. She is clueless of her mythical roots and Lolo Igme would always warn her to be mindful of her surroundings.  Then, Rowena meets Luis, the rich and kind-hearted unico hijo of Doña Consuelo. Despite the extreme difference in their lifestyles, they fall madly in love with each other and their relationship grows even stronger with Rowena’s pregnancy. When Lolo Igme learns of Rowena’s situation, he once again cautions her to be extra careful of the supernatural beings that inhabit their land. He tells that engkantos are believed to be most fond of pregnant women.

One day, Rowena gets lost while roaming in the forest. Engulfed in tension and fear, Rowena feels that a shadow is following her. Suddenly, she sees an unknown creature – a dark and terrifying engkanto! Panic-stricken, Rowena immediately faints upon seeing the dreadful creature. When she wakes up, Rowena learns from the villagers that it has been a week since her disappearance. She slowly regains her memory and Rowena reveals that an engkanto raped her. No one would believe her story including Luis who vows to exact revenge. He sets off to the forest and comes face to face with the engkanto. He fights against the terrible monster and because of its powers, Luis will be banished to their realm.  [Read more here]

Cast and Characters

Main Casts BOOK 1

Jillian Ward as Luna
Mona Louise Rey as Blanca
Camille Prats as Rowena
Raymart Santiago as Luis

Supporting Casts

Chynna Ortaleza as Divine
Marissa Delgado as Doña Consuelo
Dante Rivero as Igme
Karen delos Reyes as Tetchie
Mercedes Cabral as Marieta
Buboy Villar as Jojo
Arkin Magalona as Toti

Main Cast Book 2 (Teenage Years)

Bea Binene as Luna
Barbie Forteza as Blanca
Derrick Monasterio as Jojo
Kristoffer Martin as Toti

Main Cast Book 3 (Womanhood)

Bianca King as Luna
Heart Evangelista as Blanca


Develop by: Kit Villanueva – Langit
Written by: Ma. Cristina Velasco, Luningning Ribay, Marlon Miguel
Directed by: Dominic Zapata
Creative director: Jun Lana, Jake Tordesillas

Philipine TV Rating KANTAR- Nationwide

May 21- 19.0 (6th)
May 22- 17.2 (6th)
May 23- 16.7
May 24- 17.6
May 25-  17.5
May 29- 20.6 (6th)
May 30- 18.3 (6th)
May 31- 18.9 (7th)

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