Title: Precious Heart Romances Presents:  Hiyas

Network: ABS-CBN
Premiere Date: May 28, 2012
End of Broadcasts: ____________?
Schedule: Monday-Friday 5:15 PM
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Silang is a native warrior from the tribe of Tanah. He wants to marry his childhood sweetheart Giana to unite their warring clans. But the family of Giana has one condition: Silang has to find and bring back the missing Gem of Tanah that gives luck and prosperity to their people.  There is only one person who can help Silang find and get the Gem. She’s none other than Sapphire, the beautiful and charming city girl who Silang’s avoiding. Though he doesn’t want to, Silang is forced to partner with her, who is more than willing to help as her heart is close to the people of Tanah.

While they are searching for the Gem, Silang and Sapphire are drawn closer to each other. Eventually, the Gem falls in Silang’s hands as he falls in love with Sapphire. But what about Giana? What about their wedding and his promise to her and their clans? What punishment is waiting for Silang and Sapphire as they bring the Gem back to the tribe of Tanah? Until when would they stand up for their “forbidden love?”

Main Casts

Zanjoe Marudo as Silang
Megan Young as Sapphire
Edward Mendez as Aldrich
Mercedes Cabral as Giana

Supporting Casts

Neri Naig as Gaitha
Tetchie Agbayani
Jong Cuenco as David Zaragoza
Angel Jacob
Sharmaine Suarez
John Arcilla
Nonie Buencamino
Allan Paule
Lemuel Pelayo


Created by: Sofia
Directed by: Adolfo Alix, Jr.

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