Kit Thompson To Karen Reyes, “Looks Fade, But Personality Lasts”

The frank and straightforward male teen housemate Kit  Thompson  recently gets the  boot  from  PBB  House  and  declares  fellow  housemate  and  former  loveteam in the house Karen Reyes  as  the  one  whom he  cannot easily get  with involving petty fights  or the one he found  irritating delivering an interesting  quote, “Looks fade but personality lasts”.  #Whatsthemeaningofthis?!!

It is  to be noted  that before eviction, together with his fellow nominated housemates Yves Flores and Alec Dungo, Kuya gave opportunity to fulfill their unfinished business  and Kit, 15  chooses Karen  to  be his last  business in the house.  What happen to  Kit?  After taking his chance of  keeping a good companionship with Karen,  now declares that his female version as a frank  and straightforward housemates is seemed to have the most irritating personality in the house!!??

Kiten (Kit and Karen) is one of the early favorite in PBB house as a loveteam.

The  good  side  about his eviction is  we will  no longer  see  disrespectful  acts by him towards  females in the house. He maybe a straightforward person but he also lacks good personality as  netizens labeled him before and  today as disrespectful,  denial  king, liar and flirt.

Kittle (Kit and Myrtle) became closer after Kit feels that Karen is way too irritating

And  another bright side of his  eviction is there will be  no more Kittle in the house. That tween boy is using this cos-player of  Iloilo, Myrtle Sarrosa.

One  thing is for sure  Kit will  have a  good career in the  future since  he already had his own manager and he’s the  best  actor in the PBB house anyways!

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