Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?

Title: Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka?
Premiere Date: June 4, 2012
End of Broadcast: Not yet announce
Schedule: Monday-Friday/Afternoon block
Genre: Drama
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

Sisters Erica (Jackie Rice) and Bianca (Jennica Garcia) have always lived a happy and comfortable life with their parents that painted for them an ideal image of “true love”.[3] The simple and unassuming Erica meets the handsome yet arrogant Jake (Geoff Eigenmann) and falls in love with him. But her idea of a perfect love story is ruined after Jake mysteriously disappears and is never heard from him again. As Erica tries to move on with her family by her side, life takes a dark turn when they meet an accident that leaves the girls’ parents dead. Things only become worse after the girls realize that their parents have been hiding their family’s real financial situation for some time. Both must now make a living on their own in order for them to survive. Tension begins to grow between the two sisters but even more when Bianca finds out that she might be in danger of losing her sight as a result of the accident. With no one else to turn to, Erica approaches her boss Jaime (Michael de Mesa), a divorced businessman who has always paid special attention to her, and asks him to take care of the expenses for Bianca’s operation. This paves the way to the sisters’ reconciliation. Soon after, Jaime professes his feelings for Erica, and eventually asks for her hand in marriage. Erica, being reminded of the many good things Jaime has done for her and her sister, agrees. As the day of their wedding approaches, Erica’s life turns upside down when Jaime’s children from his first wife Beatrice (Sharmaine Arnaiz) return. They are Jaime’s scheming daughter Leslie (Angelika dela Cruz) and son, Joaquin (Geoff Eigenmann), who turns out to be Erica’s former boyfriend Jake. Still having feelings for her first love, how will Erica reveal the truth to Jaime? What will come out of this unexpected rivalry between Jaime and his son Jake?

Main Cast

Jackie Rice as Erica
Geoff Eigenmann as Jake/Joaquin
Jennica Garcia as Bianca
Michael de Mesa as Don Jaime
Angelika dela Cruz as Leslie

Supporting Cast

Bubbles Paraiso as Janice
Bobby Andrews as Neil
Sharmaine Arnaiz as Beatrice
Pancho Magno as Tristan
Diego Castro
Princess Snell as Carissa

Guest Appearance

Jackie Lou Blanco
Ricardo Cepeda


Executive producer: Joy Lumboy-Pili
Producer: GMA Network
Cinematography: Jay Linao
Created by: GMA Entertainment TV Group
Developed by: Agnes Gagelonia – Uligan
Written by: Maribel Ilag, Glaiza Ramirez, Michiko Yamamoto
Directed by: Mark Reyes

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