My Daddy Dearest

Title: My Dearest Daddy
Broadcasting Network: GMA7
Premiere Date: June 11, 2012
End of Broadcast: Not announce yet
Schedule: Mon-Fri/9:30 PM
Genre: Drama, Family
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)
Bong (played by Ogie Alcasid) is a millionaire and a major playboy who lives the good life until he meets and falls in love with Rose (played by Jolina Magdangal), a simple, loving woman who has a unique gift for growing and tending plants. Their love continues to blossom with the birth of a beautiful daughter named Daisy (Milkcah Wynne Nacion). But unfortunately, fate has other plans for and his family. Rose dies in a tragic accident during Daisy’s first birthday. As a result, Bong goes back to his old playboy ways, leaving his daughter to fend for herself. He is unaware of the daily torments that Daisy goes through in the hands of her Lola Mercedes (Pinky Amador), her Tita Daphne (Sherilyn Reyes), and cousin, Lily (Kyle Ocampo), who all want nothing more than to possess all of Bong’s inheritance including the family company. Despite the luxury being provided for her, Daisy feels lonely because of the absence of her father. Often, she finds refuge in her beloved mother’s garden, which unknown to her, is occupied by a small magical pixie named Winnie (Pauleen Luna). Knowing Daisy’s pain, Winnie decides to help her by granting her one wish: for Daisy’s dad to become a mom instead! Bong’s life turns upside down as he transforms from a “macho papa” to a “sexy mama”!

Main Casts

Ogie Alcasid as Bong
Jolina Magdangal as Rose/Camilla
Milkcah Wynne Nacion as Daisy

Supporting Casts

Pauleen Luna as Winnie/Annie/Minnie/Ada
Kyle Danielle Ocampo as Lily
Pinky Amador as Mercedes
JC Tiuseco as Chris ‘CJ’ Javier
Ehra Madrigal as Ivy
Sherilyn Reyes as Daphne
Mike “Pekto” Nacua as Marco


Executive producer: Leilani Feliciano Sandoval
Producer: Lilybeth Rasonable
Cinematography: Carlos Montaño, Jr.
Developed by: Denoy Navarro Punio
Written by: Marlon Miguel, John Kenneth de Leon, Rona Sales
Directed by: Don Michael Perez
Creative director: Jun Lana

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