One True Love

Title: One True Love
Broadcasting Network: GMA7
Premiere: June 11, 2012
End of Broadcast: Not yet announce
Schedule: Monday-Friday/10:15 PM
Genre: Family, Drama
Plot: (credits to wikipedia)

The series opens up with Ellen (Jean Garcia), a lowly and hardworking helper who falls madly in love with Carlos (Raymond Bagatsing), a successful seaman/businessman who is already married to Leila (Agot Isidro). Unknown to Ellen, Carlos is not serious about their whirlwind romance and only becomes aware of his true feelings after finding out that she is pregnant. Ellen tries to end her ties with Carlos after Leila starts attacking her. But Carlos wants to raise their child and tells Ellen that their child would have a better future with him. Ellen agrees with Carlos but unfortunately, Leila vehemently opposes this idea. She resents raising her husband’s illegitimate child so she plots a scheme to switch the child with someone else’s. When Ellen gives birth, Leila is present to “help” out but in truth, she uses this opportunity to switch Ellen’s son with another newborn baby girl in the hospital. The moment Ellen sees her child, she immediately falls in love with her baby and tries to back out from the deal she made with Carlos. Furious, Carlos gets Ellen arrested for a fabricated crime so he can get full custody of their child. Helpless and powerless, Ellen swears vengeance on Carlos and Leila. Meanwhile, Carlos showers his daughter Elize (Louise delos Reyes) with love and attention not knowing that Leila switched Elize with his real child. His orphaned son grows up in the docks of Manila through the kindness shown by the people in the port district. Because of his mestizo and charming looks, he is given the moniker Tisoy (Alden Richards). And by some weird twist of fate, Tisoy ends up working in the port owned by his real father Carlos. Everything seems to be in place and going well for Tisoy and his adoptive grandmother Lola Tilda (Caridad Sanchez) until one fateful night when he crosses paths with Elize, the rich daughter of Carlos. Tisoy is completely smitten with Elize’s beauty and she finds him charming too. Soon, the two become lovers and keep their romance a secret from Elize’s disapproving parents. And their forbidden romance, as well as, the odds unfolds from here.

Main Cast

Alden Richards as Tisoy
Louise delos Reyes as Elize Samonte
Agot Isidro as Leila Samonte
Raymond Bagatsing as Carlos Samonte
Jean Garcia as Ellen Balute

Supporting Cast

Frencheska Farr as Violy Balute
Bembol Roco as Mayor Henry Sandoval
Wynwyn Marquez as Marla
Caridad Sanchez as Lola Matilda
Lucho Ayala as Troy Sandoval
Carlene Aguilar as Candice
Benjie Paras as Douglas
Tia Pusit as Yaya Brittany
Odette Khan
Ana Capri

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