Title: Faithfully
Broadcasting Network: GMA
Premiere Date: June 18, 2012
End of Broadcast: unconfirmed
Schedule: Monday-Friday/Daytime slot (afternoon)
Genre: Drama, Romance

The series tells the story of Stella, a poor lady who strives to earn an education despite the meager earnings of her family. Through the help of her childhood friend, Luchie, Stella lands a job as a cashier in her flower shop. Here, she will meet Misha, an events organizer and one of Luchie’s closest friends. The three ladies will get along together and develop a special friendship. But Misha’s socialite friend Dina abhors Stella because of her status.

Things get complicated when Stella develops an admiration towards Kevin, the boyfriend of Dina. Stella keeps her feelings a secret but Dina immediately suspects her intentions. Dina’s anger towards Stella intensifies every time Kevin defends Stella.

But Dina is not serious about her relationship with Kevin. She still plays around and Stella discovers her unfaithfulness to Kevin. Stella tells Luchie and Misha of Dina’s infidelity. Kevin learns of Dina’s secret and he immediately breaks up with her. Because of this incident, Kevin and Stella become closer and he will realize that Stella would make the perfect wife.

But Kevin’s mother, Amanda, is against her son marrying Stella. Her decision quickly changes when Stella’s father dies and bequeaths to her all properties. In an instant, the poor Stella transforms into a rich heiress.

Stella and Kevin get married and are blessed with two kids, Ashley and Miggy. Stella will have her own bakeshop and later on will renew her ties with Dina. After seven years, tragedy strikes Stella’s world when Kevin encounters an accident and falls into a coma. Adding to her woes is a video which Kevin prepared for her. He tells Stella that he has found a new woman and she is one of Stella’s friends. It is later revealed that the woman was Luchie.

Main Cast

Maxene Magalona as Stella Mariano-Quillamor
Mike Tan as Perry Escanio
Michelle Madrigal as Luchie Trajano-Quillamor
Marc Abaya as Kevin Quillamor
Isabel Oli as Megan Briones
Isabelle Daza as Misha Villar
Vaness del Moral as Dina Carvajal

Supporting Cast

Will Devaughn as Luke Gallanosa
Kevin Santos as Edjie Miranda
Victor Aliwalas as Dan Belmonte
Chanda Romero as Amanda Quillamor
Timmy Cruz as Gloria Mariano
Migs Cuaderno as Miggy Quillamor
Jamaica Olivera as Shelby Quillamor†
Rez Cortez as Fidel Saavedra
Bing Davao as Charles Quillamor

Guest Cast

Joanne Francisco as Young Stella
Micko Del Prado as Young Perry
Irish Colline Reyes as Young Megan

Production Credits:

Developed by: Dode Cruz
Written by: Lobert Villela, Luningning Ribay, Angeli Delgado
Directed by: Gil Tejada, Jr.
Creative director: Jun Lana

Philippine TV Ratings:

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