Be Careful With My Heart

Title: Be Careful With My Heart
Broadcasting Network: ABS-CBN
Premiere Date: July 9, 2012
End of Broadcast: Unconfirmed
Schedule: Monday-Friday/10:45 AM
Genre: Romanantic Comedy, Drama, Family
This is a story about a simple girl Maya De La Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria) who journeys to the big city to follow her dreams to become a flight stewardess to help her family.She would allow no one to stop her, not even the handsome, wealthy widower Richard Lim (Richard Yap), who threatens to ruin her dreams.

Ironically, Richard is her last hope in reaching her dreams because of his influence in the Airline Industry and he will only help Maya if she agrees to become his children’s temporary nanny.

Maya succumbs to the condition. But upon entering the Lim Mansion, she finds herself involved in the private lives of Richard and his three problematic children Luke (Jerome Ponce), Nikki (Janella Salvador) and Abigail (Mutya Orquia).

Maya sees that there are problems to be solved in the Lim family because since Richard’s wife died, the family’s joy died with her. And so Maya took it upon herself to bridge Richard to his children. And eventually, she succeeds in rebuilding the Lim family.

However, in repairing their broken hearts, Maya encounters bigger challenges that will test her strength and will challenge even her own heart. Because she falls in love with the kids and with Richard himself

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Aiza Seguerra as Kute
  • JM Ibañez as Cho
  • Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita Dela Rosa
  • Divina Valencia as Mamang
  • Pen Medina as Arturo
  • Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe
  • Nick Lizaso as Jomar
  • Robert Ortega as Fred
  • Kalila Aguilos as Liza
  • Paul Jake Castillo as Simon
  • Dionne Monsanto
  • Sunshine Garcia

Special Participation

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16 thoughts on “Be Careful With My Heart

  1. No telesyre is as educative, matured n funny as this ”Be careful with my heart. Thumbs up to you GG. Jodi n Yap kudos to both of you.

  2. Richard Yap & Jodi Sta Maria must win the best REEL” matured” loveteam of Teleserye. The best teleserye ever

  3. agree ako jn ..talagang super ang galing nila .. lahat nang nkkpnood daming kilig tlga !!

  4. jorlie)))))))))))))))))<)<<)<)<))<<)<)<)<)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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