Enchanted Garden

Title: Enchanted Garden
Broadcasting Network: TV5
Premiere Date: July 30, 2012
End of Broadcast: unconfirmed
Schedule: Monday-Friday/Primetime slot
Genre: Eco-Fantasy, Romance

Enchanted Garden is set against the entrancing garden world of Eden, parallel to the land of mortals where Queen Jasmina and her daughters Alvera, Valeriana and Quassia live. Alvera, Valerianna and Quassia are diwanis — the appointed guardians of all plants and trees. Jealousy separates the sisters as Valerianna discovers Menandro’s love for her sister Alvera. Menandro and Alvera’s love brings forth a child, Aya, who grows up in the mortal world

Main Cast

Alex Gonzaga as Aya/Diwani Olivia
Alice Dixson as Diwani Alvera
Ruffa Gutierrez as Diwani Valeriana
Rufa Mae Quinto as Diwani Quassia
Zoren Legazpi as Menandro
BB Gandanghari as Michiko
Daniel Matsunaga as Mark Morgan
Martin Escudero as Pako
Marita Zobel as Reyna Jasmina

Supporting Cast

Gladys Reyes
Meg Imperial
Kristel Moreno
Elvis Gutierrez
Tony Mabesa
Jim Pebangco
Lian Paz
Edgar Allan Guzman
Luz Valdez
Christopher Roxas
Beverly Salviejo
Cita Astals

Cameo Appearance

Angelie Nicole Sanoy as young Aya
Francheska Salcedo as young Gigi

Special Participation

Luz Fernandez
Junnyka Santarin

Production Credits:

Written by: Renato Custodio Jr.
Directed by: Joel Lamangan, Eric Quizon, Joyce Bernal

Philippine TV Ratings:

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