John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo To Break Box Office Records With The Mistress!


Their team-up is like a dynamite! It bombs out every emotion we can get! Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz will likely surpass the no. 1 blockbuster movie this year, Unofficially Yours with their come-back movie together, “The Mistress“. Reports say, the said film hits P23 Million in its first day of showing!!

John Lloyd’s first movie this 2012 with Ms. Angel Locsin is currently the no. 1 Box Office Local Movie and with his 2nd movie with Bea, movie-goers are anticipating for the commercial outcome of it and will surpass the gross income of Unofficially Yours.

The Mistress is a Four-Side Love Story of a wife (Hilda Koronel), a benefator (Ronaldo Valdez), the lover (John Lloyd0) and the mistress (Bea). The said film tackles a very intriguing and controversial yet substantial issue today. This also focus on the other sides of mistress who labeled by most of us as immoral. We should watch this movie for us to learn more about these women, their hardships, their feelings, their weakness, their strength and their life.

Bea Alonzo as Sari Alfonso “The Mistress”
John Lloyd Cruz as JD Torres ” The Lover”
Ronaldo Valdez “The Benefactor”, Hilda Koronel “The Wife”, John Lloyd Cruz “The Lover” and Bea Alonzo “The Mistress” with Olivia Lamasan “The Director”
The cast of “The Mistress” with the Director

One of the most controversial scene in the movie is the kissing scene of veteran actor Ronaldo and Bea who accepted it whole-heartedly and considers as her most challenging and daring act so far! She really impresses not only the staff and crew but also to movie-goers as her versatility and professionalism are at stake. John Lloyd also put up a remarkable performance for this movie.

Old Ronaldo Valdez and young Bea Alonzo controversial kiss in The Mistress

Other cast members includes Anita Linda, Carmi Martin, K Brosas, Tony Mabesa, Gabe Mercado, Minne Aguilar, Nor Domingo and Clarence Delgado.

Check out the full trailer!

The Mistress is schedule to hit theaters on September 12, 2012 in more than 100 movie theaters nationwide!


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