X Factor Philippines Top 5 Performance Recap and Power Rankings!

From last week’s elimination, Kedebon Colim gets the boot from the competition leaving the elite of final five contestants in X Factor Philippines! This week’s theme is revival of popular songs from popular international and local artists.

Kicking off the show is Charice’ protege Allen Sta. Maria performing a Katy Pery hit “Teenage Dream”! Her outfit stands out, voice did not! A very ordinary pop performance from a potential future pop star! The arrangement does not give her any highlights for the variation of her voice on which we expect to hear from her.

Martin- “I like the Allen were less is more. Sa sobrang gimik, nawawalan ang talent o boses.”
Pilita- “The song really suits, and suits your age.”
Gary- “Patunay that Allen could do anything.”
Charice- “Pinatunayan mo na you are the future pop star.”

Following on the stage is Gabriel Maturan of Martin Nievera‘s boys. He performs a hit revival of Paolo Santos’ Moonlight Over Paris. Since I love Paolo’s version, I have high expectations with this shy boy’s rendition. This is one of the most soothing and relaxed performance ever Gab had. The voice and pitch is close to perfect!

Pilita- Malapit na ang finale. So mag-ingat.
Gary- You dont need to move lalo na bandang dulo.
Charice- Maganda ang boses mo, pero minsan nawawala pag masyadong gumagalaw
Martin- You did a great job!

Charice’s mentee KZ Tandingan comes next with Adele’s mellow hit song! No production stuffs at the background, only her heavenly voice! It was one of the handful best performance she had in the competition! I was connected, affected and moved by her performance. She proves that she’s unstoppable and remains the biggest threat in X Factor Philippines!

Martin- It’s captivating! The way you sing can change the world!
Pilita- You make me feel like I am in heaven!
Gary- Purong puro ang puso mo. Thank you for sharing your heart to us.
Charice- The best rendition!

Jeric Medina follows with a Southboarder song. As mentor Martin says, don’t dance when your’e in doubt. He really applied it with this performance. He may be enjoying his routine on stage but it was boring.

Pilita-  Your performance is good. But make it big and sure next time.
Gary- Gumalaw ka pa sana ng kaunti. Pwede pang pigain!
Charice- Kailangan yong performance mo nung Careless Whisper dapat malagpasan mo pa yon.
Martin- Whispering is mahirap. You’re trying different. That’s Jeric!

Lastly, Daddy’s Home takes the stage with a Side A hit. Gary Valenciano‘s bet performs another harmonized number. It was dynamic and slow afterwards but it was a beautiful blending again!

Martin- It was a beautiful sound.
Pilita- Your harmony makes me go to bed.
Charice- It was another best performance from you.
Gary- The show must go on!

Here’s our Power Rankings for X factor Philippines Top 5 Performance Night Based on Performance alone:

1. KZ Tandingan- 10.00
2. Daddy’s Home- 9.12
3. Gabriel Maturan- 8.33
4. Allen Sta. Maria- 8.15
5. Jeric Medina- 7.23

Our bottom 2 prediction are Daddy’s Home and Allen Sta. Maria.

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