Title: Magdalena
Broadcasting Network: GMA Network
Premiere Date: October 8, 2012
End of Broadcast: N/A
Schedule: Monday-Friday/Daytime Block
Genre: Drama, Sexy, Romance

Magdalena tells the story of Lena, a simple girl who works hard to support her family. Aside from her pure heart, men are often smitten with Lena’s natural beauty. But Lena is already in love with her childhood friend Abel, whom she also considers as her first love.

However, Lena’s mother Luding is against her relationship with Abel. Luding wants Lena to marry Baron, a wealthy guy from Manila. Luding and her husband Dolpo think thatLena’s marriage to Baron will save them from their dire living condition.

Luding hatches a plan to destroy Lena and Abel’s romance. Left with no choice but to obey her parents’ will, Lena dumps Abel. Baron brings Lena to Manila with the promise to marry her.

But Lena’s nightmares are far from over because Baron will just use her for his illegal business. He will turn her to an escort girl. Lena’s world is shattered and her dream of a better life crumbles. Despite her desire to escape Baron, Lena is not ready to face Abel and her family

Main Cast

Bela Padilla as Magdalena
Dion Ignacio as Abel
Ryan Eigenmann as Baron
Pancho Magno as Jet
Pauleen Luna as Carol

Supporting Cast

Vivo Ouano as Obet
Lexi Fernandez as Fatima
Via Antonio as Siony
Bodie Cruz as Deo
Chariz Solomon as Roxy
Prince Stefan as Ice
Alvin Aragon as Raki
Mercedes Cabral as Kim
Mayton Eugenio as Dessa
Chuckie Dreyfuss as Ben
Allan Paule as Dolpo
Irma Adlawan as Luding
Deborah Sun as Selya
Sharmaine Arnaiz as Chato
Maria Isabel Lopez as Huling

Production Credits:

Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Directed by Gina Alajar



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