Coffee Prince Remake of AlKris Is One of the Worst PH Remake of a Korean Drama!

Doing a remake constitutes risk. Fans from the original series are expecting for the remake to give justice for the story and the roles of the cast.  But we’re sorry to say, GMA‘s own remake of Coffee Prince  starring Kris Bernal and  Aljur Abrenica is what we considered a piece of crap.

Coffee Prince is considered to be a classic Korean drama and one of the most popular K-drama of all time starring hallyu stars Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. The story is categorically a romantic comedy drama and not a sitcom which is currently the Philippine remake is showing the viewers.

By the way, I appreciated how Kris Bernal gives effort to portray Go Eun Chan (Andy) character. She is doing well and eventually shows  how effortless she can be as a tomboy or playing a male character. But apparently only her and her sister in the series Kim Komatsu are making their roles in the right track and the rest are just awful jokes!

Here’s my issues with the PH remake V.S. the orginal one.
1. Boy 2 Quizon‘s character ( Jin Ha Rim0 is GAY in the remake but PLAYBOY in original!
2. Max Collin‘s character (Han Yoo Joo) is antagonist in the remake but she is actually a good friend of Andy in the remake and there was no tension and no bad vibes between them which is opposite to remake since there was a confrontation between the two in front of Aljur Abrenica.
3. Aljur (Arthur) is still striving with his acting abilities. I’m giving him an A for the effort but E for the current results.
4. The outing is made possible due to their high sales and with their goal for team-building,  they made the trip fun and entertaining in the remake but actually the outing’s goal in the original is to make bond with the employees and the boss. They went to an Apple Farm to help the owners in harvesting the apples  which commits unity and REAL teamwork among them.
5. The PH series is funny but lousy with corny punchlines and exaggerating expressions that it seems like a comedy sitcom but the original is just simply and effortless putting a smile on the viewers without the “effort of throwing jokes” from the cast.
6. Aljur’s role is secretive and unwilling to show how he loves Arlene (Max’ role) but in the PH remake, Aljur is directly speaking of how he felt about Arlene! and  from the latest episodes, even pursuing her  by making her jealous with the use of Andy! Common!
7. Father of Aljur in the remake is like  a clown but in the original he was silent and mysterious. This is due to the secret identity of Arthur  (Aljur’s role). And Aljur’s character and his father are not in good terms in the original since he found out about the affair of his father to other woman before.
8. Aljur’s character in the remake is giving his efforts to prove his worth to his grandma,  pleading her grand mother for the approval but in the original there were no issues between them except the “Marriage issue”.
9. The mother of Andy (Kris’s role) is talkative in the remake but in the original, it was the other way around.
10. Missing characters in action are Andi’s mother admirer, Fabio Ide’s first love.
and lastly from the last episode which  shockingly saddens  me, Max Collin’s role admits that she loves Arthur (Aljur’s role).  This is the bomb that ruins the story! They are making “love conflicts” (third party) between the two leads when in fact the only issue between the two is the gender! WTH with their twist!!

The writer(s) should RE-WATCHED the whole story of 17 episodes and examine thoroughly the purpose of the characters in this series. I couldn’t  agree more why this remake is not doing well in the rating games! And I heard some  news that this one will end on the last week of  November?! Hmm it’s just started!

Fans of AlKris immaturely defend the series saying that, ” Remake kaya ito, alangan namang hindi baguhin, eh remake nga”.

We say, “Yes, changes and twists may occur in the remake to give new flavor for the viewers, but changing the depth and the original concept of the characters are VERY UNACCEPTABLE. Only smart and open-minded people can think and see that.”

Coffee Prince airs in Kapuso  network as part of GMA telebabad.

10 thoughts on “Coffee Prince Remake of AlKris Is One of the Worst PH Remake of a Korean Drama!

  1. lahat ng remake na gawa dito sa PIlipinas, hindi maganda. tama na sana. Stop ruining Korean Dramas. Promote original filipino dramas na magaganda ng kuwento, iyong may aral at may theme.

  2. magsusulat kayu malimali nman ? kontrabida nga si max collins dun kay kriis bernal eh ? tapos sasabhin niyo mali ang pagkaremae ? BOBO ng website na to makapanira lang !!!

  3. I beg to disagree. Their Kim Sam Soon remake is the worst ph remake for me. Followed closely by Coffee Prince. 😦
    They keep ruining classic Kdramas. Why don’t they just create good original shows and stop these lousy remakes!

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