Lee Min Ho Shares A Piece of Him and Reveals Ideal Girl!

Korean actor Lee Min Ho is in the Philippines right now for endorsing a global clothing brand Bench and Filipino fans are going crazy about him!

During his press conference in Manila  held Thursday evening, Min Ho shares some vital information about him: his likes, wishes, impression and “ideal girl”.

Did you know that  he likes dark colored clothing and fit is very important for his fashion sense. You can see it in his airport fashion. (see below)

In addition to his fashion taste, he is very particular about his hair which has been the case since he was still young. He also expresses how thankful he is for the warm welcome of the Filipino fans and labeled them as friendly and warm people. He hopes that his Filipino fans would tell him more about the country.

Meanwhile, the Boys Over Flowers’ star also grace the Benchsetter Fun Meeting in Araneta Coliseum where 10 thousand people attended including some celebrities.

In the said event, Minho also knew how to perform the worldwide dance-craze from his fellow Korean star, PSY and says he’s proud of Gangnam Style‘s popularity as this is the first time something Korean has become so popular.  “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t danced it”.

He also cited how Bench affects his life. “The best thing about being a Bench endorser since I’m a simple guy is that I have a huge billboard with my face on it”.

How will he keep in touch with his fans?! The City Hunter actor likes to use the social media to keep in touch with his fans. And rumors has it, that through his Twitter and Facebook, he meet an incredible woman who captures his attention by the name of Cammelle of our own, Philippines! The said fan girl always sends messages to Lee’s Twitter and FB over and over again until the Korean superstar noticed her. (What a persistent, determined and confident  girl!) And rumors circulated that Min ho sent her a private message on Facebook and chat with her.  Oh My God!

Lee Min Ho on ideal girl as he reveals that made the crowd silent: I find confidence attractive.” So by now, those who dream about him as your prospected boyfriend, should know by now that you should have “full confidence” in yourself”!

-Photos credited to respective owners-

2 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho Shares A Piece of Him and Reveals Ideal Girl!

  1. omg !!!! lee min hoo…ur so handsome ..the way you dress,, you smile… you act.. youiare perfect.. to me.. one of my dream is to see you in person…

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