Lee Min Ho With Toni Gonzaga in The Buzz’ Exclusive Interview!

Korean superstar Lee Min Ho tells and shares something about him in an exclusive interview for The Buzz  by Host Toni Gonzaga.

Lee Min Ho shares something about travelling that he wanted to have a fun trip in Cebu City and Boracay. He loves and adores how his Filipino fans welcomed him so warmly and thankful to them. Toni then asked if he knows how to speak some Filipino words. Min Ho answers with his usual killer smile and says Mabuhay and Mahal Ko Kayo. In response, Toni answers back, “Saranghae too (I love you too).

He is in the country in line with his involvement to a global clothing line, Bench which he endorses. “I am here in the Philippines because Bench made me their model and I am just a simple person who loves to see myself in billboards”, he humbly said with smile again. (Gosh, he always smile)

  Min Ho also enjoys eating Filipino food. One of which is Adobo. He said that he really likes it and it is delicious. During his other fun meet, reporters also asked some details about him.

Besides acting, what others do you want to challenge?

LMH : Dancing. I feel my dance is not bad but fans are making fun of me so I won’t dance anymore.

Do you know you are very handsome and have a good figure. How do you maintain it?

LMH : Fans told me I am nice looking so i remember it. (Cute answer!)

What did you do first thing in the morning?

LMH : I have a dog name Choco, will first feed him breakfast.

What’s the craziest thing that a fan has ever done to you?

[Lee MinHo] I was in the airport and one fan actually pinched my butt (laughs).

The City Hunter star is set to be back in Primetime Bida via The Grreat Doctor aka Faith in ABS-CBN!

-photos credited to We Love Minoz FB account-

5 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho With Toni Gonzaga in The Buzz’ Exclusive Interview!

  1. lee min hoo im gonne see your latast k-drama i cannot wait now… ur my best ever kpop fan…

  2. omg.. im gonna crazy nah.. lee min ho ur my best ever kpop fan.. i watch ur movie everytime .. one of my dream is to see u in person and have a pic. with you together.. ang gwapo mo talaga.. super..

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