Erich Gonzales Is The Next Leading Lady of Coco Martin For 2013 Drama!

Maria La Del Barrio star Erich Gonzales is the next leading lady of Phenomenal actor Coco Martin in upcoming drama for 2013!

Fresh from her movie success via Suddenly I’ts Magic with Thai superstar Mario Maurer, Erich will be paired to Walang Hanggan star Coco in an epic series to be aired in ABS-CBN early next year!

The said epic series with a tentative title “Juan dela Cruz” will be shot in Laguna and other historical places in the Philippines.

Prior to this report, there was write-ups about Angel Locsin-Coco Martin drama for 2013, but it looks like it’s a rumor after all.

16 thoughts on “Erich Gonzales Is The Next Leading Lady of Coco Martin For 2013 Drama!

  1. The final battle between good and evil collide AJ and his friends destroyed her foe Empress Saragnayan goddess of evil defeated by the hands of a hero that save the day the world prevail al over the people of the Philippines includes Samuel Alejandro becomes a normal gentleman and a father figure again Lolo Julian a retired priest older brother of Fr.Cito Gonzalez uncle of Amelia mother of AJ Lola Belen as a homemaker and faith healer again Asiong they have a new life Bitoy remains with Lola Belen as his companion Rosalie Galang becomes a lovely spouse and a mother AJ a new leader of Kapatiran and future clergyman/bishop of the Catholic Church and finally Mirathea and Magnus got married and became the future rulers of the Enchanted world
    return to peaceful life no more conflict and remains serenity of the world AJ and his guardians to reformed a new vigilante force of young recruits to defend the world against another asuwang threat as well evil creatures no more finally AJ and Rosalie found their family and a peaceful home the story ended..story by Rodel Naciaceno..producer author aka Coco
    Martin .thanks for the information.From:Wayne.
    A big fan of kapamilya shows and stars.

  2. wow this will be the best drama ever i love it coco and erich bagay na bagay cla, parehing magaling. sana maging sila in real life

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