Why Philippine Version of Coffee Prince Ends Immediately Just Roughly 2 Months?!

Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica come-back as loveteam in Primetime via Philippine version of Coffee Prince is considered a failure at all since it suffered low ratings and bombarded with a lots of negative feedback from overseas fans of the original series.

CP runs from October 8, 2012 – November 23, 2012, roughly 2 months of broadcast based on 17 episodes of the original series starring Hallyu stars Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. Why this series ended too early?! Several issues and factor are linked to their early finale.


According to Kantar Media TV ratings CP achieves an average weekday ratings of 11%-13% ranking from 10th to 11th spot. On the contrary, based on AGB Nielsen, the said remake has accumulated an average of 21%-23% with an average rank of 5th. ( View Coffee Prince TV Ratings). From this information, it is an eye-opener for viewers that the Pinoy remake is a certified flop compared to the original series and other Korean drama remakes.


Overseas fans especially from Asian countries, Europe and U.S.A. reacted to the Pinoy version and quoting, “They murdered the whole series!!”. Even the local fans, Filipinos felt that the comedy drama series was shifted to another genre, sitcom. In addition, some characters in the remake plays opposite in the original. For example Max Collins who played Arlene whose character became a contravida or the antagonist in the series when in fact in the original Max’s role is supposed to be an understanding, trustworthy, loyal and good friend not just to Arthur (Aljur’s role) but among others. (Click here to view more negative feedback)

Ending So Fast & Too Early: No Extension

In just roughly 2 months or 35 days, the Pinoy remake airs its finale with a funny yet copy-cat wedding of the lead actors, Kris becoming the groom while Aljur is the bride. Some netizens stresses, they copied it from Taiwan series It Started With A Kiss.

Fans defended the fast and early ending and short period of broadcast of the said drama quoting “Coffee Prince is a mini series with 17 episodes, so there’s no need to extend or have turn of events”. Apparently, there are other Pinoy remakes of Korean drama which have fewer episodes like My Name is Kim Sam Soon with 16 episodes played by Regine Velasquez and was aired from June 30, 2008 – October 10, 2008, roughly four (4) months and Only You with 16 episodes starring Angel Locsin and was broadcast in 4 months from April 27, 2009 – August 21, 2009. Both Pinoy remakes took extension due to success. Therefore, Coffee Prince disappoints TV viewers!

Aljur Abrenica “The Bride” & Kris Bernal “The Groom” in Coffee Prince PH Remake Finale


Coffee Prince PH and AlKris fans reveals that the MBC, the original broadcast network of CP and GMA has tight agreement in the contract so there was no extension due to contract, quoting “Y asking #CoffeePrinceFinale is Too short. It’s all about the CONTRACT that they have and not the Ratings”. If that is so, then why GMA did not proposed for extension of Coffee Prince if it is really doing good in TV ratings game like what happened to PH remakes, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Only You?!

According to an insider, the extension is impossible and if there was proposal it would 100% dropped off due to its low ratings and negative feedback from the fans of the original series. The writer of the drama have heard it and did not like the idea of changing the concept of series as it was airing. They relayed it to MBC and discovered such issues about the remake.


We doubted Kris’ capability as an actress for portraying Go Eun Chan or Andy in the said series at first, but eventually she pulled it through until the last minute with male gestures that is hard to unveil. Another good performance is credited to Kim Komatsu for playing Andy’s sister. The original concept of her role comes up naturally.

Coffee Prince Pinoy remake aired its finale last Friday, November 23 on GMA7 andn trends on Twitter with the hashtag #CoffeePrinceFinale nationwide.

5 thoughts on “Why Philippine Version of Coffee Prince Ends Immediately Just Roughly 2 Months?!

  1. From:k.s.a, kung ako ang tatanungin maganda ang coffee prince pinoy version,madalas ko nga itong pinanunuod,halos mastop ako sa work ko para lang mapanuod yan,and magaling gumanap ang mga actor and actress natin….kaya nga version natin eh!not exactly na halos kaparehas ng korean,kaylangan may konteng twist sa eksena,,,,for me number ONE ang coffee prince pinoy version nabitin kame w/my coworker,Good Luck Hintayin namin yung susunod na gagawin yung drama………

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