Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 YouTube Live Streaming!!

Mnet America is proud to present MAMA 2012 live from beautiful Hong Kong! The biggest asian music award show in the world, get ready for an overload of fashion, interviews, red carpet.

adam lambert on mama2012

The live stream begins at 12:00AM PST (3:00AM EST) on November 30th, 2012 only on MCUBE ( and our YouTube Channel (! We’ll have three special MC guests, Danny Lim (Producer of Danny from L.A.), Hannah Jun (Actress and Model), and Eunice Kiss (Recording Artist, Model, and Actress)!

Don’t miss out on the only English experience MAMA 2012!! You can RSVP and save a spot on Facebook by clicking “attending” Be sure to invite all your friends and relatives to experience the biggest Kpop event of the year! Be sure to follow the winner of the “Share the Love of Kpop” contest presented by Verizon Wireless on the MCUBE ( See how her journey in Hong Kong unfolds leading up to MAMA 2012!! Check out the live stream schedule below.

2 thoughts on “Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 YouTube Live Streaming!!

  1. They should change the name to MKMA (Mnet Korean Music Awards)

    How the hell you can say it “Asian” if all dominated by Kpop?! Not sure if racism, unfairness, or just to show that Kpop is the best.. But let me tell u, what makes Kpop successful is just showing off sexiness. They can only dance. Singing? Screw that, just use auto-tune or lipsync.
    Compared to Cpop, Jpop, and Western, Kpop are nothing! They are the REAL singers, REAL talented singers.

    Dammit, why all the people so obssessed with Kpop?

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