Fans Slam Justin Bieber for Mocking Manny Pacquiao!

Hours after he posted photos on Instagram mocking Manny Pacquiao’s knockout lossagainst Juan Manuel Marquez, Canadian singing idol Justin Bieber realized he may have alienated many of his own fans, nicknamed Beliebers, who happen to idolize the Filipino.


His latest post on the photo sharing site as of presstime is a screenshot of one such Belieber’s dismay over his dissing of Pacquiao.

Netizen @sarahgee joined a chorus of protest against the singer’s mockery of Pacquiao’s devastating defeat on Saturday night.

“JB hope you feel proud cause you just lost your fans who like MANNY PACQUIAO  but even though you like Mayweather posting these pics are just LOW even for a girl like you,” sarahgee said.

“Girl” is a popular epithet against the 18-year-old Canadian who used to sport a girlish hairstyle when he first became famous three years ago.



Ironically, Pacquiao sported a similar hairstyle early last year during the promo tour for his fight against Shane Mosley.

Bieber shrugged off the torrent of criticism from Pacquiao fans over his Instagram posts. He quipped, “if they were beliebers they wouldn’t leave my side over an [sic] Boxing opinion I have.”

SOURCE: Interaksyon at TV5


3 thoughts on “Fans Slam Justin Bieber for Mocking Manny Pacquiao!

  1. Boxing is a MAN’S sport so it’s so QUEER for someone of Bieber’s kind to be giving an opinion on. It would appear more credible for him to comment on something close to his heart, something realistically associated with his kind…like Barbie Dolls!

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