Marian Rivera Tries the Hanging Treadmill for Extra Challenge

“Competition just gets tougher as Extra Challenge opens its new series, ‘Superhuman,’ this Saturday, December 15 and host Marian Rivera has no choice but to try the Hanging Treadmill!

marian rivera in extra challenge

“Three handsome and hunky men composed of Troy Montero, Antonio Aquitaña, and Paolo Paraiso together with ‘big momma’ comedian Petite defy the limits of physical tests as they take on the Superhuman challenges.

“First off, host and primetime queen Marian Rivera herself takes on the first challenge—the Hanging Treadmill. Hanging 30 to 40 feet above the ground, will Marian be able to complete the challenge without falling? Who among the challengers will last running over the hanging treadmill? How will Petite fare given his 200 lbs weight?

“And it is just the beginning. After the dizzying height, the challengers will then have to pull a public jeepney on their own. Not only that—the race to the finish line gets more exhausting because for every five meters, passengers will have to board the vehicle.

“For the final battle, Troy , Antonio, Paolo, and Petite must get through a tough question and answer portion: Extra Challenge Silya Elektrika—who will stay focused and answer each question without getting distracted and petrified by the electric current charged at them?

marian rivera in extra challenge2

“It’s the superhuman challenge this Saturday and Sunday, December 15 and 16, in Extra Challenge, after 24 Oras Weekend only on GMA-7.”

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