Donaire Finishes Arce in Brilliant Third Round KO

There was a lot of pressure on Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire to deliver a dominant performance against Jorge “Travieso” Arce after Manny Pacquiao lost to Juan Manuel Marquez last week.

donaire knocks out arce
Donaire took the pressure head on as he finished off Arce exactly three rounds before Marquez knocked out Pacquiao. The Filipino Flash floored Arce twice before finishing him off with one of his patented left hook in the third round to finish the fight. The official time was 2:59 of the third round.

Both fighters started the match tentatively but it was Donaire who opened up first with a big right hand. The action picked up in the second round as Donaire floored Arce for the first time in the match. Donaire weaved under an Arce punch before connecting with a short right of his own to knock Arce down. The gallant Mexican warrior opened up with a couple of lead rights that landed but he was not able to hurt Donaire.

donaire knocks out arce2

In the third round, Donaire caught Arce with a bunch of left uppercuts for the second knockdown of the fight. Arce was able to beat the count but he was on wobbly legs at that point. Donaire put him out of his misery with a lead left hook to end the fight and Arce’s career.

Donaire weighed in at 129 pounds before the fight while Arce jumped three weight classes overnight to weigh in at 135 pounds. The Filipino landed 28 of 93 in the fight while Arce only managed 13 of 96.

With his big win, Donaire upped his record to 31-1-0, with 20 coming via stoppage while Arce will retire after 70 professional bouts with the record of 61-7-2, with 46 knockouts.


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