Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz Share Sides on Janine Tugonon Loss in Miss Universe 2012 Results!

Miss Universe title holders Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran-Floirendo share their  sides on Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon loss in Miss Universe 2012!

gloria moran

The two beauty queens reveal that even if the results was quite disappointing, they all agreed that Janine did an amazing and superb performance during the Miss Universe 2012 Coronation Night which was held in Las Vegas, USA.


“I am annoyed and disappointed.”

This was the reaction of 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo after Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon placed first runner-up in this year’s Miss Universe pageant held Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Manila) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moran-Floirendo, the last Filipina to bring home the Miss Universe crown, said in an exclusive interview that Tugonon’s answer was clearly the best in this year’s competition. Miss USA Olivia Culpo was crowned this year’s Miss Universe — the eighth time an American has won the pageant.

Tugonon was given a Twitter question from fashion photographer Nigel Barker, one of the judges in this year’s pageant: “As an international ambassador, do you believe that speaking English should be a prerequisite to being Miss Universe? Why or why not?”

She answered: “For me, being Miss Universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language. It’s being able to influence and inspire other people. As long as your heart wants to serve and you have a strong mind to show people, then you can be Miss Universe.”

Moran-Floirendo was waiting for her flight to Davao at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport domestic terminal at the time of the interview on Thursday. While she is “annoyed” and “disappointed”, the former beauty queen eventually said that the judges may have considered other factors in choosing this year’s Miss Universe, things that the viewing public has not noticed.

“She is still a winner in the eyes of the world and to all Filipinos,” said Moran-Floirendo, adding that Tugonon was able to show the world that she had a shot at the coveted crown.


“Sometimes it’s not necessarily the smartest or the wittiest. Sometimes, it’s the most acceptable”.

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz said it does not matter that Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon did not clinch the crown during the Miss Universe 2012 pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Manila).

Speaking to radio dzMM, Diaz said what’s more important is what she intends to do after the international competition.

“Panapanahon lang iyan, sabi nga nila. They were all gorgeous, each one. Some like white, some like black, some like brown. Let me tell you once and for all, it doesn’t matter whether you win or you lose. It’s what you do after,” she said.

Diaz, the first Filipina to bring home the Miss Universe crown, noted that there have been beauty queens who simply quietly faded away after winning, as well as runners up who have capitalized on their exposure.

Asked if she thinks the judges really make a big difference, Diaz said: “No, not really. Because even the judges themselves do not know who they want. Even in the last minute, papalit-palit din ‘yan, pabura-bura. You are confronted with 85 women. You don’t know eh, kanya kanya ‘yan eh. It’s just fate.”

Miss USA vs Miss Philippines

Meanwhile, Diaz shared why she thought Miss USA Olivia Culpo won the competition.

“You can see na we all identify with [her answer]. Sometimes it’s not necessarily the smartest or the wittiest. Sometimes, it’s the most acceptable,” she said.

During the competition, Miss USA was asked to name one thing she would never do again. “Picking on my siblings growing up,” she replied.

Nonetheless, Diaz praised Tugonon’s performance during the question and answer portion.

“I just thought she was gorgeous and she gave a very good answer. Sabi ko ito na iyon. That’s the way that I felt about Venus (Raj, 2010 Miss Universe fourth runner up), Shamcey (Supsup, 2011 Miss Universe third runner up) and Miriam (Quiambao, 1999 Miss Universe first runner up). Parang there was no other choice,” she said.

Diaz said most Filipinos would definitely have the same reaction whoever would have won the competition other than Miss Philippines.

“We would all felt shortchanged. Basta never mind, she’s still a winner to us. We love our beauty queens. First runner up, that’s really something. Like I said, what she will do after is the most important,” she said.


2 thoughts on “Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz Share Sides on Janine Tugonon Loss in Miss Universe 2012 Results!

  1. I couldn’t beleive that she did not capture the crown as Miss Universe 2012. Janine’s beauty is transparent and her answers from the judges question was on the spot. what a night to remember. She was great. Although the crown was robbed by the Miss USA 2012, Janine Tugonon will be the Miss Universe of the Filipinos and she won the hearts of the many…across the universe.

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