Sisterakas Sells Movie Tickets Like Hotcakes in Major Cities Nationwide!

Sisterakas, the Star Cinema‘s official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 is currently enjoying attention from movie-goers as it sells movie tickets like hotcakes in major cities throughout the country!

sisterakas pila3

The comedy film which stars Box Office stars namely Kris Aquino, Vice Ganda and Ai Ai delas Alas captures viewers’ preference among 7 other entries. There are cinemas which are fully booked and standing rooms already.   In Kris Aquino’s twitter account @krisaquino214, several photos are shared  that shows how the people flock for their movie.

sisterkas pinipilahansisterakas pila4sisterakas pila2Sisterakas and among other 7 entries are currently showing today in more than 100 movie theaters nationwide!


8 thoughts on “Sisterakas Sells Movie Tickets Like Hotcakes in Major Cities Nationwide!

  1. Sisterakas is a winner in the box-office & there’s no doubt that it’s only but destined to become the country’s highest-grossing film of all time, to the envy & ire of Kris Aquino – bashers & haters, kaya congrats Ms. Kris Aquino – at maliban sa panonood ng Kris TV tuwing umaga, hihintayin ka pa naming mapanood sa forthcoming teleserye ng ABS-CBN na Kailangan Koy Ikaw, sa talent-show na Pilipinas Got Talent at sa future movie team-up mo pa kay Eugene Domingo & kina Bea Alonzo, Dawn Zulueta, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, etc.

    Alam nating lahat na hindi porket choice o gusto natin at pinagpaguran ay dapat ng mangyari, minsan, one has to accept the fact that things envisioned, dreamed of or planned do not actually materialize for us to realize that somehow, there is a Real Architect up there whose plans are far perfect than ours – or who was it who said that things which do not happen as planned should submit to God’s opinion that our future is not just a matter of choice but of destiny – i.e. Ninoy Aquino becoming a martyr to save the Philippines from the hands of a dictator and the bondage, tyranny & horrors of Martial Law, a precursor in Cory Aquino’s rise to the presidency by ironically trampling Marcos out of it with the help of People Power & whose death also catapulted & prompted Noynoy Aquino, a reluctant presidential candidate at such a time to become the country’s current president, and the second from the Aquino family – and now, Ms. Kris Aquino, with her star brightly shining in whichever form of mass & social media & industry – i.e. tv, film, music, print, broadcast media, commercial & political endorsements and the like, I’m sure she’s bound to become bigger & larger than life – be it in show business or politics and she will always have our loyal & unconditional support, so good luck na lang sa inyong mga naninira sa kanya because we will never give-up fighting for her & the Aquinos!

  2. THeres nothing funny about Sisketeras, or SIkretaryas, or Pukelyas. – only low mentality people will laughed at this movie. Dumb people prefer Dumb movie like this, why Pinoy are so obssesed to watch GAY slapticks film? is it really true that Pilipino weree born Gay? influence by gay? – described Pilipino – sagot Bakla! so sad. if my daugther start acting and talking gay language. I will kick her out from my house. its a shame, such a shame, Dumb people. like to watch “retarded movie

  3. wala namang kwenta ang sisteraka tungkol lang sa kabaklaan ang movie nina kris ,ai ai ,at vice mas maganda pa ang si enteng kaya no.1 ang sisteraka namimigay nang ticket para madaming manood sa kanila at namumulitika sila para sila ang mag top grosser sa metro manila film festival pero sana mag no.2 ang si agimat ni juday wag bumaba ang ranking nang kanyang movie wag bawasan nang MMDA ang kita nila bossing may anomalya ito dahil hawak ni kris aquino at nang kanyang kapatid na si noynoy aquino sana di maimpluwensyahan sila para lamang panalunin ito.

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