Yoon Eun Hye Takes Hallyu Star Award and Female Popularity Award for Missing You on MBC Drama Awards 2012

Considered as Philippines’ K-Drama Queen, Yoon Eun Hye takes 2 awards on the recently concluded MBC Drama Awards 2012 for her drama Missing You a.k.a. I Miss You.

mbc drama awards 2012 yoon eun hyeEun Hye is a very popular Korean actress in Philippines due to successful broadcast of her Korean drama series which were aired by 2 major rival networks in the country, ABS-CBN and GMA. The Kapamilya network (ABS-CBN) aired her dramas such as Goong or Princess Hours and My Fair Lady  while the Kapuso network (GMA) broadcast her series namely Coffee Prince and Lie To Me. All four dramas have remarkable ratings on their respective time-slots.

YEH takes the Hallyu Star Award for her international fame and recognition as a dramatic actress. She also won Most Popular Actress or the Female Popularity Award for her hit drama I Miss You which garnered 6 awards on that night. [Click here to see more awards of I Miss You]

On the contrary, she missed the Best Actress Award which is ultimately a disappointing decision by MBC (I thought) because she delivered a superb performance in this drama portraying a raped victim who wants to erase the bad memories of her childhood especially to that particular event. But it would still be a happy awards night since she got 2 awards.

mbc drama awards 2012 yoon eun hye4

Here’s the video of YEH’s speech on receiving the awards:

Meanwhile, reports circulated that her current drama I Miss You had already been purchased by ABS-CBN and will soon to air next year, 2013.

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