Who’s Philippines’ TVC Queen for 2012?!

They surely sell every product they introduce and endorse with just simply exposing their face, their body, their poise, their voice and buying customer can be persuaded and get interested. These top 10 female celebrity-endorsers are among the most effective and most trusted product endorsers on your TV set who can probably influence buyers, suppliers and customers to the extent on what they need, what they want and what they crave. But who should be the Philippines’ Queen of TVC 2012?!


Here’s our final Top 10 Picks for Philippines Queen of TVC [TV Commercials] 2012:


1. Via Polldaddy Votes (Unlimited voting but subject to blocking if the votes from one IP address achieved the maximum votes of the day as automatically generated by Polldaddy )

2. Facebook Photo Entry (Point System: LIKE= 100 Points, SHARE= 10 Points, COMMENT= 1 Point)

CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your bet in Facebook. Like our official Facebook page @EnteRvrexWorld.

DEADLINE: February 18, 2013

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