Julie Anne San Jose Falls On Party Pilipinas’ Stage, Elmo Magalona On The Rescue!

Teen actress/singer Julie Ann San Jose accidentally falls on Party Pilipinas‘ stage.

julie ann falls on stageThe Enough singer unfortunately falls on stage after the closing of their dance prod which some says that it was intentional and is part of the production number but apparently her tears show that she was hurting. Her loveteam Elmo Magalona takes her on the rescue. He held her hand and asked her, “Ok ka lang? Kaya mo ba?”. He was indeed a gentleman. Then they continued with their performance.

Netizens who saw the unfortunate event noticed that Julie Anne was actually on the center between Alden Richards (left) and Elmo (right). Is this a pure accident or is it intentional?


We don’t know but we saw how badly Julie Anne got hurt. But since their theme today was #PPStronger and she continues performing on stage for couple of production numbers then can we say she becomes stronger or is it just a part of their weekly theme?! Hmmm…

Video of Julie Anne San Jose’s Fall On Party Pilipinas Stage


4 thoughts on “Julie Anne San Jose Falls On Party Pilipinas’ Stage, Elmo Magalona On The Rescue!

  1. grabe!!!nasa bus ako kanina nung napanood ko na fall si jullie napasigaw ako!!nagising mga tao sa bus!!!tapos akala nila acting lang daw?kasama daw yon sa performance nila?sabi ko hindi kasi tagal makatayo ni jullie..naiyak ako sa kilig nung tinayo na sya ni papa elmo..ang galing nila kahit may ganung pangyayari THE SHOW MUST GO ON..

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