Kathryn Bernardo Selected To Cover Teen Vogue USA?!

Princess and I lead star Kathryn Bernardo is buzzed out to cover Teen Vogue USA !

princess and i kathryn bernardo

Twitter world headlines the hashtag #KathrynBernardoForTeenVogueUSA that  stirs netizens’ attention.

This was started when an alleged statement from “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” star Logan Lerman was spread by social media users.

“This Kathryn girl is beautiful and I’m very lucky for that…” “I met a lot of Asian girls, I think she stands out!”

“So excited to meet her. I hope we can date after (then laughs)…” 

Accordingly, rumor spreads out that the teen star is set to fly in United States of America by March to culminate the photo shoot. She will be the magazine’s cover girl for April 2013 according to unverified reports.

3 thoughts on “Kathryn Bernardo Selected To Cover Teen Vogue USA?!

  1. Reblogged this on justmefreisanne and commented:
    Ang swerte ni Kathryn. Teen Vogue yun. hindi basta basta magazine lang yun. Ang galing nakikilala na din sya sa ibang bansa pati isang sikat na artista na si Logan Lerman nagandahan sa kanya. And speaking… Logan Lerman back-off she’s taken hihihihi :))))) Go KATHNIEL!!!

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