Fans Show Love and Support for Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo on Twitter with Stronger Sarah G. and #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

Fans joined forces and showed support for Kapamilya actress Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu on Twitter after news about Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador love-romance was revealed. The term and hashtag Stronger Sarah G. and #KimChiuBetterAndFearless trended on Twitter last night until today, January 14, 2013.

maja gerald kim sarah g love affair controversy2Here’s what netizens’ say on the issue starting with Sarah G.’s dedicated followers after they noticed how expressive and affected the pop star princess was during her stint on her own show Sarah G. Live:

OhzumKeiOhzumKei ‏@itsKEYKLING It’s okay that you misbehaved. Atleast nailabas mo narrmdman mo. You deserve someone much better. Popsters Love You, Stronger Sarah G. ♥ ♥ ♥

kit drilonkit drilon ‏@kiton9 “She is worth everything!” she’s loved by millions, we cry w/ her, we laugh w/ her, we’l fight for her! Stronger Sarah G

sarahgtweetsarahgtweet ‏@sarahgtweet tama ang sabi ni sir martin @SGeronimo25 … what you need is a man… not a boy… Stronger Sarah G

bbaneabbanea ‏@bbanea Oh & please allow me this indulgence, That Girl who just sang is Not bitter.She’s in all ways Better. She knows who she is – Stronger Sarah G

agent outriggeragent outrigger ‏@outrigger85 What an episode. Guess I’m gonna read interesting tweets in the coming days :p #SarahGLiveSpectacularNightStronger Sarah G.@SGeronimo25

Princess Angelica ツPrincess Angelica ツ ‏@prinxsarge “LOVE is not a game if you love her. Then fight for her. And don’t make her fall if you don’t have plans of catching her.” Stronger Sarah G.

SARGESARGE ‏@titagie Napaka proper at sensible na bata! She even said sorry for her “misbehaviour” earlier. Kahanga-hanga ka girl! @SGeronimo25Stronger Sarah G.

sarahgofficialsarahgofficial ‏@sarahgofficial You took my love for granted why oh why… Say Goodbye. Stronger Sarah G.

 eldeeloveSGeldeeloveSG ‏@LavUbebeAsher

@kiton98 o di ba CAZ ,,walang iwanan , @SGeronimo25Stronger Sarah G ndi2 kmi mga POPSTERS nagmamahal sa’yo , never ka mag iisa .

chaichai ‏@bogart8032 God will bless your heart Sarah G.. Stronger Sarah G…I love you………..

크리샤 Maranan, Krizia크리샤 Maranan, Krizia ‏@xiamaranan Stronger Sarah G. & #KimChiuBetterAndFearless Both were linked to one guy and now best words about them are trending.@dprincessmaja

Rona™Rona™ ‏@ronaespeleta #SintomasNgSingle FEARLESS na PATAMA at makahulugang statement songs tulad ni Stronger Sarah G. 🙂 lol

maja gerald kim sarah g love affair controversy3

Fans of Kim also unleashes their affection to their idol due to this headline. Kim for all we know is the bestfriend of Maja Salvador who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Gerald Anderson.

 Stacy Shara OtazaStacy Shara Otaza ‏@Miss_Positive30 #KimChiuBetterAndFearless may mga Tao talaga na Naka maskara …hahahahah … Mabait lang sa harap…

Gibby GorresGibby Gorres ‏@gibbygorres Kim Chiu has always been fearless. Going in front of the camera with less than a personality to act is fearless.#KimChiuBetterAndFearless
Shan Salvador. ∞Shan Salvador. ∞ ‏@ShannanDenise Shinota mo bestfriend ko! GRABEEE!!! :)) Kaninong side kayo?#MajaSalvadorAllTheWay#KimChiuBetterAndFearless
epih asher 4lyf ™epih asher 4lyf ™ ‏@epih_asher28 #KimChiuBetterAndFearless i totally get kim, its not about not getting over gerald its about being betrayed by your best friend.
jayke esmeraldajayke esmeralda ‏@esmeralda_jake Without confidence,there is no friendship.#KimChiuBetterAndFearless
#KimChiuBetterAndFearless It’s not about Kim haven’t move on yet, it’s about respect. Maja should respect Kim because Kim believe her!
Ken Ken ApasKen Ken Apas ‏@Ken_TVD Iba na ang KIM CHIU ngayon di tulad dati aapihin! Kaya We are here for you KIMMY no matter what! #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

I’m a psych graduate. Sorry pero as i observe that user, he’s such a liar. The gesture says it all. Poor gerald.#KimChiuBetterAndFearless

It’s easy to say no. But not when the man you’re talking too is such a great SWEET TALKER. #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

leonor_cleonor_c ‏@moratz15 You wouldnt even think of going out with him if you really value your friendship #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

Anne PrudenceAnne Prudence ‏@anneprudenceb

How can you embrace a guy who made your Friend’s life miserable? So wrong! #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

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16 thoughts on “Fans Show Love and Support for Kim Chiu and Sarah Geronimo on Twitter with Stronger Sarah G. and #KimChiuBetterAndFearless

  1. kim chui!!!!!!! is the best………… <(")
    go kim chui ………

    Idol kita sobra………..

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