Sarah Geronimo in Teary Eyes on Sarah G. Live Due to the Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador’s Love-Romance

Asia’s Pop Superstar Princess Sarah Geronimo gets emotional with teary eyes during the stint of her own show, Sarah G. Live on January 13, 2012 after Gerald Anderson confirmed his feelings towards Maja Salvador on The Buzz.

sarah geronimo crying reacts on gerald-maja affair

Sarah who was once the “Baby Girl” of Gerald was left behind with sullen eyes. She was the last girl that Gerald had exclusively courted before Maja. During her show, people noticed that Sarah is not on her right form. She seemed expressive with her current sentiments with the issue.

“Sorry po, hindi ko po mapigilan,” she appeals and apologzes to the audience before she ends her show with her Statement Song of the Night, “Take A Bow” with the flashing attention-grabbing message on the background that is for sure dedicated to her former suitor.

Love is not a GAME you PLAY.

If you LOVE her, then FIGHT for her.

But never make her FALL, if you don’t have plans of CATCHING her.


Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson started their relationship even if not officially announced during the stretch of their two hit movies Catch Me . . . I’m In Love and It Won’t Last A Day Without You.

7 thoughts on “Sarah Geronimo in Teary Eyes on Sarah G. Live Due to the Gerald Anderson-Maja Salvador’s Love-Romance

  1. Haist naku.. Pasasaan din at mageend din yan cla… Pero infairness bagay na bagay cla kc c boy playboy and c girl hitad… Bobita naman yan c girl.. pasalamat ka girl at naging artista ka.. At boy makakarma ka din..

  2. Move on Sarah. The world does not end due to a failure of a relationship. Learn from it. Get strength from that experience. There is so much in life that you need to see. Don’t let anyone make your life miserable. Look up to people who had done it gracefully, bravely and successfully. Look up to God and ask for His guidance. Look around you. So many loves you compare to the one you lost. You deserve the best because you are a very special girl. Keep you eyes and ears open Sarah. It’s always trial and error in life. You will find you man. You need to be tough. I hate women crying over men in front of cameras. As if women are always the loser. Please cry in private and get over it. Learn to love and respect yourself. Keep your head up high and be proud for what you are and have been. Look back and see the present and start counting your blessings. Don’t let show biz eat you away. You are still a human being. Get up! Will pray for you!

  3. I think this guy’s goal is to conquer the hearts of the leading ladies of ABS-CBN, the ultimate playboy. Seems to me that he’s definitely one selfish person when it comes to love, one-sided and not truly caring about who he might hurt. Truly a very inconsiderate a-hole.

  4. hi;; sarah 9 years nakita kita, huwag mong kalimutan kung bakit naandiyan ka dahil isa kang bata wala inisip kung hindi matulungan ang iyong pamilya, ngayon isa ka ng ganap na dalaga nasa iyo na ang lahat huwag mong hanapin ang kulang dahil noon pa man kumpleto kana…ang pag ibig ay lagi isang laro na dapat mong tanggapin ng buo sa puso mo…masakit man ito o hindi alam mo kung sino ka pls take care always

  5. Huwag mong iyakan ang lalaking walang buto at saka pinapatulan pa ang bff nang ex nya. To majarot kung totoo syang bff n khim kahit sa panaginip hindi sya papatul sa ex bf nang bff nya….malandi talaga tong babaeng
    to dati si coco at saka si direk soriano kahit alam niyang bff n tony deny to death pang majarot nto….hay nku kakadiri walang moda … dapat hindi tularan ang mga taong ito at huwag tankilikin … pra mawala na sa showbiz oki doki,

  6. I’m a Kim Chui fan but Sarah I’m so happy for you and you listened to your Mom di dapat pag aksayahan ng luha a guy like that you deserve a good man with good heart and good soul not a user and a player. Lord is also guiding you.

  7. I believe na may mas malaking revelations pa kung magsasalita si Sarah Geronimo. Hindi lang siya simpleng ‘break-up’ if naging sila man ni Gerald though speculations of the said break-up occurs July last year. I guess there is something else that is BIG kaya naging expressive si Sarah on Sarah G. Live’s episode. I believe Sarah Geronimo more than anyone else. Hindi dahil idol ko siya, kung hindi isa siyang taong totoo. Di siya agad-agad nagrereact sa mga issues kung hindi siya talaga nasaktan. We love you, Sarah. We’re always here for you.

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